Friday, May 27, 2011

Star, The ONLY Airedaless, in the Village :)

My favorite picture of Star

Farfel, The ONLY Airedale in the Village, is not in a writing mood. I don't want to assume anything, but I think he is j-e-a-l-o-u-s!

 I went to visit Star and her babies. In the last few days, their eyes have opened, and they can hear!!! They are so adorable -- of course!!!

I have to say, the first time I met Star, I immediately fell in love with her. Star has the sweetest disposition! She is quirky, funny, affectionate, and scrappy!!!  She is also petite (compared to Farfel), solid, and has the most perfect build! It was love at first sight  :)

Nancy, Star's "other" Mommy, has been grooming Farfel for about 5-years!  The first time I called to make the appointment, I asked if she groomed Airedales. Many groomers do not groom such big dogs! I had one groomer insist that Farfel was a large Welsh Terrier ---- Anyway, Nancy answered... yes -- I have 9 of my own!!!!  So, I knew she wouldn't insist that Farfel was a large Welsh Terrier  :) Nancy, knows a lot about Airedales -- A LOT!!!  I have learned a lot from Nancy, and have enjoyed every moment in her office -- it's full of all kinds of Airedale antiques, pictures, statues, and.... beautiful artwork made by the many dogs who have come through her doors!!

Easdale is located in Bath, Ohio. It's kind of considered upscale country. Lebron James has a home in Bath. Ok, I still like the guy even though he ditched the CAVS!  When you pull into the driveway, there are Airedale statues, an Airedale topiary, and other adorable topiaries.

 Airedale topiary

The setting is stunning, and today, Star was outside, and her view is to die for -- a ravine, with a waterfall!  Star was very happy to see us (Joey and I)...and she barked her odd little bark, more times than I have ever heard  before!! It was so cute!! It was so good to see her, she was sweet as always :)

Star and I
She is so sweet!

We had a very nice visit. We saw Star's "roommate" Dora's puppies!!  A few weeks older than Star's babies!!!  And we saw Boson, the cutest, chunkiest, chocolate lab puppy!!!  

Dora's babies with Boson

Dora's baby

I had to include Dora's babies and Boson -- I swear I could spend hours there with all of the Airedales and Boson!! And now -- Star's babies:


Yesss, they are adorable!!!! They were squeaking and barking!!!  They are the cutest, chubbiest, and sweetest little babies -- just like their mommy :) OK, the chubby part might be like Uncle Farfel :) Farfel IS on a diet, and has been doing very well ---except for yesterday -- he snatched (while counter surfing) an entire bag of hot dog buns and ate them!!!! Farfel blames Joey for sabotaging his diet...Joey didn't put the buns away!!

Anyway, it was a great time, and I thank Nancy for taking time out of her very busy day to let me come and truly enjoy myself, and see sweet little Star!!!  Oh, and Nancy, if you read this, I hope you didn't cringe when you saw my favorite picture of Star with the obnoxious bow !!!!  I don't think I have ever seen any of Nancy's Airedales with --- "accessories!"  

 Joey and I, and maybe Farfel, are looking forward to Star coming home!!  We can't wait!!!!  I hope she didn't forget about getting on the furniture, jumping on the bed ---sitting on my lap -- and yes, even hissing at Farfel  :) She is very special to us -- even Farfel  :)


A few P ===essses ...

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite guys --- Jake !!!!  You are very special  :)

My deepest condolences to Butchy's Mom -- my heart breaks for you.

In the pictures of Star and I -- surprisingly, my foobs didn't make it into the picture ...they are huge, and almost overshadowed Star as it was  :)  Soon.......they will be exchanged for "normal" ones   :)  I hope!  :)

Coming soon --- FARFEL -- THE BACKSTORY!  


Thursday, May 5, 2011

The ONLY Uncle in the Village :)

I, Farfel, am not ONLY the ONLY Airedale in the Village, I am the ONLY Uncle in the Village :)  OK, as much as I would love for this to be all about me -- it's Star's turn to shine (pretty clever, huh?).

MOMMY and Joey finally got to see Star's beautiful babies!!! Of course, MOMMY, and even Joey wanted ALL of them!!!

Star's Babies :)

Six Beautiful Airedales :)

My Nieces & Nephews :)  

MOMMY said Star looked as beautiful as ever, and was very happy, and protective of her babies! Next to Star, in another "birthing suite," there was another new Mommy!  Her babies were equally as adorable!!! Nancy put the babies in a box -- Joey held them while MOMMY took the pictures -- Nancy said; "This is the only time you will probably ever hold six Airedales at once!!!

Easdale Kennels/Seneca Airedales, is a beautiful place. It is set in the woods, and everything is completely dog-oriented. When you drive up you see a beautiful Airedale topiary -- at first it looks like a GREEN Airedale :)  The office is  full of Airedale pictures, statues, articles, and photographs. MOMMY sees something new whenever she is in the office :)

Aside from me, Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village, MOMMY thinks that Nancy has the most beautiful Airedales :)   MOMMY also talked to Nancy about Star's debarkation :) I guess Star was quite the barker... so much so, that neighbors complained. MOMMY thinks the neighbors were being petty -- Nancy has a beautiful kennel, and the many times MOMMY has been there, as have I -- there has never been an over abundance of barking!!  MOMMY researched the debarking, and it doesn't harm the dog. If anybody in this world is a true dog lover, it's Nancy. Nancy is also a trained breeder, A -1 groomer, and has way more education than MOMMY regarding the care of Airedales :) 

Sooo, back to the pups!  Nancy explained they were deaf and blind -- MOMMY thought only cats were born deaf and blind (I can just imagine the disaster if Star had her babies here!! hehehe). Joey, the smartass that he is -- said; "Oh look... they are only 3-days old and their tails are longer than Farfel's!" I should bite him later for that remark  :) MOMMY did confirm that though...... but, she loves me as I am  :)  

MOMMY is home now, very happy she got to see Star...and can't wait until she sees her again. I, of course, had to SNIFF MOMMY and Joey when they got home. MOMMY was glad because as I was sniffing, I was wagging my tail and getting very excited -- not suspicious.... like other times when she cheats on me with other dogs --- I miss Star too :)  It's OK, if she has a funny bark, and hisses at me.... it's OK she has a longer tail than's OK she has been in show-biz, and I haven't -- all of that makes Star very unique, and...I love her :)


Uncle Farfel

Star and I

Star and I doing what we do best -- we ignore each other  :)  Notice her tail ......and baby bump :)