Friday, March 19, 2010

Good news!

I, Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village, am happy to say that MOMMY received good news today!!!

I will write more later -- because now.... that heathen child is here, and my MOMMY is devoting ALL of her time to HIM!!! OH ... she did take a moment to pose that stupid dirty J. Fred Muggs next to me! He looks EVERY bit of 55-years old!! Not the young handsome gent I am!

Once again...thanks for all of your thoughts and kind words! They worked!!! No C-Word!!!!!! :)

OK ... WE (mostly MOMMY) is not good at loading pictures, or even writing this blog in a timely fashion will describe the photos she so haphazardly uploaded (ugh!)!

The first one .... the two VILE things keeping me from my MOMMY tonight!! That rotten monkey... and the grandheathen -- Marky! If I hear ..." Yia Yia ... Farfel is bothering meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" one more time.... I am going to explode!

The second one .... UGH! He, that rotten monkey, is sitting on my butt -- need I say more?

The third one ... MOMMY and the grandheathen--taken at a restaurant tonight... I, Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village, with an IQ HIGHER than the grandheathen, and probably higher than my humine brothers --OK, except for Ryan/Leash -- was NOT invited!

When MOMMY decides she wants to be my MOMMY again, and not a Yia Yia ... then we will write more ... with details :)

Farfel ... (sigh)


Farfel is too tired and annoyed to do anything :(

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Look at me ... look at your dog ... look at me again!!!!

I love that commercial :) Hello everybody!!! I Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village want to thank everybody for your so very nice comments :) Today is the DAY!!! MOMMY is going to have her "Boobopsy" "Boobectomy!" MOMMY is fine except for the fact that she quit smoking ELEVEN days ago ... and she is kind of TENSE!!!

Uncle Tom came here from NY to be with MOMMY -- he is sleeping in MY room. Yes, I have my own room since Joey (grrrr) moved out. I still would rather sleep with MOMMY :) MOMMY says that I -- Farfel, snore! She has even said that sometimes she thinks she is sleeping with a short, hairy, snoring man whose beard smells like mildew (and meat, garlic, treats, etc., hehehe) I say -- she should be so lucky to find a man like that ...hahahha!!

MOMMY will be coming home after her surgery!! I am glad :) She isn't supposed to wear any make-up, jewelry, or her contacts today! She says doesn't mind being an ugly, unadorned, blind woman for a day :) At least Joey (grrrr) did her hair last night!

Not to change the subject, but I am.. and that other subject is kind of boring....MOMMY won an EBAY auction!!! She never did anything like that EVER!!! For those of you who are around MOMMY'S age (humines) ...of say... 35... OK OK OK...56...hehehe You would remember this.... maybe... Years ago on the Today Show, with Dave Garroway, there was a monkey... J. Fred Muggs. Well, MOMMY had a stuffed one when she was little -- "Mugsy." MOMMY had the monkey for years.. he was very worn out from "over-loving!" ... Somehow..he disappeared. MOMMY has been looking for another monkey like him ever since Al Gore invented the Internet ...hehehe. So.. she finds J. Fred Muggs on EBAY and WON!!!! I, Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village... kind of despise him... however, I have been very polite with the monkey.. so far :) MOMMY loves him, but of course, not as much as she loves me :) As soon as MOMMY gets her "stuff" together, there will be pictures :) I just thought you might have enjoyed that bit of nostalgia ...hehehe

Again... thank you all for your kind comments :) MOMMY says she wishes the world could be full of "dog" people... I am sure you all understand what she means :) Thank you all .. and.. sorry for this blog to be soooo disjointed -- it's kind of early here... and we are both .... heheh tense :)



What would you do if your MOMMY was out with a "man-friend" .....the three of us walking around a beautiful lake, the weather is beautiful, the humines are laughing... the canine needs to ....... poo.... OK.. fine.. nature calls ... the canine poos (hehehe).....

What would Farfel do:

Well, after the poo .. I would do that "leg thing" where it looks like I am wiping my feet -- after the poo ??? Know what I mean?? I would do it in such a way... that the poo goes flying towards the man-friend :) That's what I would do ... :)

(True Story) Hehehehehe