Monday, October 31, 2011


It has been since JUNE -- that anything has been written by, or about me, Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village!!!  MOMMY has promised my Backstory! I am sure you all have checked daily for it ---- OK, so MOMMY has been busy getting new boobies -- REALLY -- That is more important than me ?

I have survived quite well from my surgery. I am surviving with my sister Star  :)  She is still a little odd and quirky, but we all love her  :)

I guess my backstory will be put on hold -- for now. MOMMY has decided that she is really interesting, and people would want to read what SHE thinks, instead of me -- poor thing. I will humor her. MOMMY, who is a totally technical NON-genius, has no idea how to link her blog to mine (hehehehe).

I think MOMMY may have been concerned that out personalities were fusing. There is ONLY ONE Farfel, and... that is I  :)  Imagine the "Three Faces of Patti,"  Patti, Farfel, and Lady Gaga (MOMMY likes to dream, hehehe).

ME -- when I was a baby  :) I know... really cute  :)

Hopefully, MOMMY will start on my backstory sooooon!!!!

One thing we all have to sad we were and are of the many dogs who have crossed the Rainbow bridge in recent months. Our hearts are broken for each and everyone  :(  We have a lot of friends on Facebook....we love all of your posts, thoughts and pictures  :)  Some are old and dear friends and some are new  :) We love you all!!!  It is amazing just how close you can get to people we have never physically met. We are so happy to be able to connect with all of you  :)

Farfel  :)

Star  :)

and MOMMY  :)