Wednesday, April 27, 2011


MOMMY and I are bored!!!!!!  Well, MOMMY more than me -- but -- if she is bored, then I am bored!!!! It isn't because Star, my pregnant sister, and MOMMY'S favorite girl-canine ( I could have said the B-Word, hehehe) is away at the home for unwed mothers -- it's because MOMMY isn't used to sitting at home, and not being able to do much!!

MOMMY and Joey (grrrr), visited Star and she looked wonderful and was very happy. Star is staying at her first Mommy's (Nancy Secrist -  My MOMMY doesn't know nothing about birthin' no canine babies!!!  Star was outside in a beautiful kennel, set in beautiful rustic Bath, Ohio. In another run there were lots of puppies -- MOMMY and Joey wanted ALL of them!!! REALLY???  Sometimes I think I am the ONLY sane one of the bunch!  They were also greeted by a chunky, beautiful, chocolate Lab puppy named Boson. MOMMY wanted him too!!!  MOMMY told Joey that being there with all of those puppies, and in such a beautiful setting was her idea of heaven ---- HELLO!!!  I was not there!!!  It's OK, truly I am not insecure --- just kind of annoyed!  

Here is a picture of of Star when she had her "girlish" figure -- Thank you to :

José Antonio Gómez Morante for sending MOMMY Star's picture. Jose has Star's sister Meiga -- who is a beauty :)


OK, I have to admit -- that picture makes her look --- attractive.  WE, however, have never been able to make her be still that long to get a decent picture!  I think it's been photo-shopped!  :)  

I, Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village, prefer the more candid, natural shots:

Look at her ears! Hers were glued together as a child -- mine -- were not!  MOMMY does not understand the "show dog" world, but.....MOMMY would not glue any dogs --- ANYTHING!!!  She also would not remove anything (OK, certain things --- MY CAJONES!) ...especially a dogs voice  :(  MOMMY'S opinion ... (if anybody cares) ..Don't get a Terrier if you can't handle the barking --- or, don't get a dog for that matter!!! MOMMY threatens me sometimes, and I just bark louder :)  It's our game!  

We should be getting Star back in June -- we do miss her. It's nice being the only-child dog again -- except for Joey, he is still my nemesis -- but, he is also my best friend -- next to MOMMY, the trash can, the couch, my headless duck with no stuffing, an empty yogurt cup, my leash, tennis ball, and several other things!

MOMMY is doing OK in her recuperation -- still not back to work. It is amazing just how important arms are to one's daily life.  MOMMY goes weekly to get her expanders filled up -- this is to stretch the skin to make room for the Foobies!  Every time MOMMY comes home from the Plastic Surgeon -- I have to look twice --- who IS this large busted woman!!  The bigger they are expanded, the more it stretches, and the more it hurts -- preventing MOMMY from doing a lot of things with her arms -- and.. the Foobs get in the way!!!  So, MOMMY is frustrated, pissy, and annoyed because she can't do what she did before the surgery -- however -- no regrets :) 

MOMMY and I have to say, as we have said before -- we LOVE your blogs, and pictures!!  MOMMY has a lot of time -- she reads them all -- she might not comment on them, but they are read, and very much appreciated!!! MOMMY loves knowing there are humines out there who love, and feel about their babies as much as she does :)  Some people just can't understand!  So -- thank you all!!! Also, thank you for your comments -- those are also very much appreciated :)

MOMMY and I can continue writing all day -- but instead of US being bored -- you will be bored  :) We have decided to keep the TV turned OFF!!!  No more court shows, Storage Unit Wars (really?), Pregnant 16 year olds, Maury, Jerry, Hoda, Whoopee, or those HOARDERS!!!  Instead, MOMMY is going to play some mindless games on FB!!!  Maybe even go for a walk -- but --- sometimes I have a tendency to pull, and go absolutely nuts when ANYTHING gets in my line of vision!!  I would hate to pull MOMMY and one of her Foobies go bouncing down the street :)  

Have a great day!!

Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village (until June!) and MOMMY!!  and, Star -- :)  We hope we hear something today about her babies....and if one has a short (but extremely gorgeous tail) MOMMY is going to take it --- :)  

Thursday, April 7, 2011

NY, Foobs, The Village.... and me, Farfel :)

I, Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village, have recovered fully from my vicious attack from my barkless, long-tailed, pregnant sister!!!!  I am fine :)

Star, the long-tailed little scrapper is also doing fine. MOMMY gets frustrated with her because she isn't like me! MOMMY assumes all Airedales are like me, and like the Airedales in the YouTube videos. Star is nothing like what MOMMY thinks of typical Airedales. MOMMY, much to my dismay, is always hugging Star, telling her nice things, and Star is still "standoffish!"  It might be the pregnancy, or even getting used to all of us, or maybe she didn't have people in her face 99% of the time. Star does get on the bed, and furniture -- YAY -- and the big couch is considered "Star's couch," while I have to fit MY football player physique on the small love seat. Hopefully, after Star's babies are born, her life here will become normal -- well, normal to our life :)

MOMMY is doing fine from her surgery -- except for the nagging pain 24/7. Yesterday, MOMMY had her first "fill." They have to fill the expanders to get the skin stretched enough so that eventually, MOMMY will have huge Pamela Anderson boobs-- or foobs :) Today, MOMMY went for an MRI. She has to do this every six-months to keep tabs on her brain tumor -- Hector. Well, one of the questions they ask before any MRI is -- "Do you have any metal in your body?" Well, in each expander there is a little magnet so the Doc can find the port to inject the saline in order to expand.... the expander. The techs said they didn't think they could do the MRI. It could have demagnetized the expanders ....or even moved them. MOMMY told the tech that she didn't want to have one boob facing up and the other facing down. The tech looked at MOMMY with sadness --- MOMMY then said... Yeah..and I don't really want them to explode -- what a mess that would be!!!  Finally the tech had to laugh -- and MOMMY explained her kind of weird sense of humor -- well, weird to some people  :)

In other news --- MOMMY just got back from NYC. She had so much fun!!!!   The New York Yankee Homecoming dinner was awesome!!!  Yes, Derek was there  :)  The opener the next day was awesome -- but rainy and cold. The new Yankee Stadium is fantastic!!!  And, John Leguizamo in Ghetto Klown at the Lyceum -- MOMMY never laughed so hard!!!!  

MOMMY also hung out in the Village, and noticed all of the humines with the canines. The canines were VERRRRRRY well-behaved. MOMMY also kept her eyes peeled for a cute WFT -- hoping that Asta may have been on a walk  :) No Asta  :(  No WFT's either  :(  MOMMY did see an old ragged, but very adorable Airedale, with his old ragged humine. MOMMY told her friend Eddie, she wished she could walk Star and I in the Village ------ BUT --- then added.....Star wouldn't bark -- but FARFEL, the ONLY Airedale (that barks like a maniac) in the Village would!!!!!!!!!!  MOMMY was amazed how quiet and well-behaved the Village dogs were -- and they resembled their humines -- so cute!!!!  Maybe one day I will get to visit the big city -- but MOMMY thinks the horn-honking, the sirens, the people, the dogs, and the food vendors would be a little bit too much for me --- or the City :)  It isn't ready for me, Farfel ---- the ONLY Airedale in the Village (here in Ohio).

So, everything is getting back to normal here -- MOMMY isn't back to work yet -- too much pain right now, but I think she needs to get back to the reality (hehehehe) of her job. MOMMY is looking forward to getting back to the gym, and get rid of the huge booty she grew as a result of lack of activity, and quitting smoking. She smokes now -- UGH!!    MOMMY will quit --- again....and again .... :)   

MOMMY is going to post pictures of NY ... and US, and maybe the hugeness of her temporary foobs (not naked -- you would all die laughing) ...   :)

You all have a great day!!!

Farfel    :)     (and Star (preggo), and MOMMY)