Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Star :)

Today is Star's due date  :)  I am going to visit her today in the "maternity ward" at Easdale Kennels. I am not too worried about Star because her "other" Mommy, Nancy is taking good care  of her. I miss Star terribly :(

I told Nancy I wanted a puppy from Star's litter -- a little boy -- hopefully.  Right now it's keeping me going -- anticipation, happy thoughts, and excitement  :) I am also excited to get Star back here :)

Star and I have a special bond. It has taken awhile.  The two weeks she was here -- alone...really made a difference.  Star is definitely the Alpha girl  -- However, I do believe that for the most part she respected Farfel, and allowed him to be "The Boss," "El Jefe!"  Star is a PrinCESS :)  She follows me from room to room -- and is constantly staring at me. If I wake up in the middle of the night...she is STARING at me  :) It's weird, but in a strange way, I like it  :)

It has taken awhile for Star to accept us -- being in her face all of the time. We are huggers in this house. At first, Star shied away from hugging. I force her to receive hugs :) She is a very sweet girl.

Not only will a puppy be good for me, but I think/hope it will be good for Star. I want Star to be the Numero Uno :)  She deserves it!!  So, I think with her having one of her babies... that can happen. In no way am I a dog shrink -- but I think it could happen  :)

My house is quiet ... and sad. Honestly, I am on the verge of tears all of the time. Of course, since Farfel was such a big part of my life -- everything reminds me of him -- and Star too (but, Star will be coming back).  I received his ashes. Sad -- my big fuzzy best friend ended up in a small cookie tin type thing  :(  My ex-husband made a beautiful box for him. I had Joey (grrrr, Farfel's nemesis :) )  transfer Farfel to the box -- well...when that damn Joey opened the tin -- he made a growling sound. We laughed. It kind of reminded me of that performer on the Ed Sullivan Show -- (OK, you have to be pretty old to remember this -- I am old!)  Senor Wences, and Pedro...

Pedro was the guy in the box S'right!!

Sooo hopefully today she will have her babies -- it's a special day also, because today is the third birthday of handsome Slammer -- the daddy of the puppies  :)  

I can't wait to see my sweet little Star  :)


I love her face  :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A note to Farfel ...

Dear Farfel,

It's been two weeks and one day -- and I miss you more and more each day!  I know you are happy, healthy, and having a great time. I am happy for that -- but extremely unhappy you are not here with me.

I took Star to Nancy's yesterday -- another loss for me :( She should be having her babies in a few days. I didn't want to part with her -- but, with Nancy she will be safe, secure, and have her babies in a very calm environment ... cuz, I don't know nothin' about birthin' no puppies!! The house is so quiet -- it was quiet with Star here -- hehehe, but.... since you don't yell at her every time she barks --she has been barking more, in her little raspy Foghorn Mary bark. I miss your bark, and your sassing, and how you would bark ferociously at the TV at those horrible dogs who were trying to make their way into our living room :)

I wish I had you back. You were such a comfort to me -- always. You were a wonderful dog Farfel -- I am so happy that we found each other  :)  I miss you.  Time hasn't healed these wounds.  You were my best friend forever -- thanks  for being you  :)

I told Nancy I wanted to reserve a puppy.  Nobody could replace you  :)   It has to be a little boy puppy :)  I think Star will like living with her son. She can be the boss  :)  We have treated Star like a little princess these last two weeks. Farfel -- I don't think she misses you, or else she hides it very well.   She is such a sweet girl.  
We love her  :)

I was thinking of names for the new puppy -- Farfel Too -- cute :)  But .... with shortening and nicknames.... we felt he would end up being called Far too ... and eventually Fart -- nope!  I can hear you chuckling. That isn't a name for an Airedale -- especially your successor  :)  We will just have to see him and decide on a good, proud Airedale name --- there can be just one ... Farfel the ONLY Airedale in the Village  :)  

Nancy offered me a "loaner"  dog -- Star's daughter from a previous litter -- I haven't decided yet.  I really haven't decided 100% on a puppy -- but, the anticipation would be good for me. I want to make sure everything is good for Star  :)  

In my weird mind -- I feel with your passing... and the puppy's arrival -- maybe somehow you two could pass each other -- and rub off on each other  :)  I guess stranger things have happened.

The Vet's office sent a very nice card. They all signed it  :)  The Doc wrote a very sweet note -- and they enclosed your paw print. It's beautiful  :) It makes me sad to look at it -- but at the same time, it makes me feel close to you. Today -- I pick up your ashes. It will be difficult.

I have to tell you about all of your wonderful friends who have been so thoughtful with their comments :) I only wish I could have those comments when I go  :)  You were a special guy  :)

Be well Farfel :)  I will miss you forever...



I miss your gorgeous nose  :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thank you :)

I want to thank all who have commented and so kindly gave me their condolences for Farfel.  New friends, old friends, cousins, family, and people I don't even know -- how wonderful you all have been to me.

Thank you for putting up with my depressing blogs, super long photo montage (I couldn't help it -- I couldn't stop!!  :) ) , and for all of your great advice :) I appreciate all of you  :)

Monday was the most difficult day. I don't regret my decision, I just wish that I never had to make that decision.  I am definitely not handling it well -- I want him back.

In about 10 days or so, I will be sending Star to Nancy, at Easdale Kennels. As I have mentioned before Star is a Seneca Airedale, and Nancy IS Seneca Airedales.  Star's babies are due around the 25th of June. So in 10 days, I will experience another loss -- Star :( Good thing though, Easdale is only about 5 minutes away from me, so --- (sorry Nancy :))  I imagine I will be coming to see Star verrrry often.  It will also be the first time in 10 years I will be without an Airedale in my life -- utter torture to say the least :(    I will probably be getting Star back  in August sometime. I have been discussing with my sons about getting another Airedale. Of course it would mean a lot to have one of Star's babies. Nothing could ever replace Farfel, but puppy breath is very healing  :)

I would also like to mention just how great my sons have been through all of this -- Ryan, who was in NYC when the decision was made was very close to Farfel.  Mark, who carried Farfel from the house, to the car, and into the vets...but couldn't stay -- very understandable, and my son Joey who was with me the entire time, and who helped me get Farfel in and out of the house, and gave him a lot of love during this sad time. I have called Joey Farfel's nemesis throughout the years -- Actually it was truly a serious case of sibling rivlary...funniest thing -- they would argue, play..etc.... like two kids  :)  Joey feels his loss deeply  :(

Sooo sweet little Star  :)  She is oblivious. I don't think she realizes or cares that Farfel the loud-mouth isn't around.  The house is soooo quiet. there is nobody attacking the TV ... nobody barking at a distant bark... nobody barking at absolutely nothing ... and nobody sassing me loudly, or barking louder when I say SHHHHHHHHH  :)  It's quiet here  --- Star is a quiet polite girl.  She is happy, healthy, and quirky  :)

Not sure if I will blog anymore.... I just wanted to thank everybody .... Thanks again to all   :)

Patti, and Star *

Oh crap.... Farfel toooooo   :)  

Such a handsome guy -- I will miss him forever!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm Here :)

I, Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village, am no longer the ONLY Airedale in the Village. It's OK, I am at the Rainbow Bridge surrounded by so many wonderful friends -- Sweet Angel Molly (Fergi and Jake's sister), Miss Maggie (Mitch and wee Molly's sister), two lovely Lily's, little Justin, Eliot, Sybil,  and so many more friends.

At first I was confused -- I thought the Rainbow Bridge was for the gay dogs  :)

Rainbow Flag

My MOMMY did explain to me that Rainbow Bridge and the Rainbow Flag were two entirely different things. 

Rainbow Bridge

Either way, they both depict beautiful things  :)  At the Rainbow Bridge, everything is happy and full of love!!  I ran across the bridge -- zooooming!!!  My legs felt like wings!!!  I bet I can jump higher than "spring-feet" Star!!  I hope Star is keeping my MOMMY company and making her feel happy!!  She better, or else I will swoop down and steal her food  :)  

There is no pain or sadness here -- I don't miss anyone -- I just love them more and more and am so happy I have so many people who love me!! I can run up steps now --- two at a time even!!!  I can jump on the highest bed, and sleep on my back again  :)  I can sing, howl, and bark as loud as I want!!! I don't have to be on a diet!!!!  YAY!!!  Life is special here!!   I am safe, secure, happy, and not lonely!!!  

Thank you all for caring about me. It means a lot to me and my MOMMY.  You are all special people, who have special furkids! We at the Rainbow Bridge will always remain in your hearts -- forever  :) 


Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village ....but one of the many at the Rainbow Bridge  :)

A special goodbye to my Lovely Miss Fergi..and Jake, my first best friend  :)