Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm Here :)

I, Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village, am no longer the ONLY Airedale in the Village. It's OK, I am at the Rainbow Bridge surrounded by so many wonderful friends -- Sweet Angel Molly (Fergi and Jake's sister), Miss Maggie (Mitch and wee Molly's sister), two lovely Lily's, little Justin, Eliot, Sybil,  and so many more friends.

At first I was confused -- I thought the Rainbow Bridge was for the gay dogs  :)

Rainbow Flag

My MOMMY did explain to me that Rainbow Bridge and the Rainbow Flag were two entirely different things. 

Rainbow Bridge

Either way, they both depict beautiful things  :)  At the Rainbow Bridge, everything is happy and full of love!!  I ran across the bridge -- zooooming!!!  My legs felt like wings!!!  I bet I can jump higher than "spring-feet" Star!!  I hope Star is keeping my MOMMY company and making her feel happy!!  She better, or else I will swoop down and steal her food  :)  

There is no pain or sadness here -- I don't miss anyone -- I just love them more and more and am so happy I have so many people who love me!! I can run up steps now --- two at a time even!!!  I can jump on the highest bed, and sleep on my back again  :)  I can sing, howl, and bark as loud as I want!!! I don't have to be on a diet!!!!  YAY!!!  Life is special here!!   I am safe, secure, happy, and not lonely!!!  

Thank you all for caring about me. It means a lot to me and my MOMMY.  You are all special people, who have special furkids! We at the Rainbow Bridge will always remain in your hearts -- forever  :) 


Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village ....but one of the many at the Rainbow Bridge  :)

A special goodbye to my Lovely Miss Fergi..and Jake, my first best friend  :)


  1. I bet Maggie was one of the furry furst Dale Gals to meet woo!

    After woo get settled, I am sure my Sibe and Golden Retriever furamily will give woo a well khome snoof!

    We will send your mom some special Hugz...she gave woo a very special present...one that is filled with the greatest amount of love our humans possess BUT it is also filled with lots of hurt fur their hearts

    Please just remember it's not FURever...it's just...fur now


  2. Hi Farfel,

    I heard from Khyra that you made the trip to the Bridge. It sounds like it's super wonderful there and I know you're having the bestest time. I know, too, that your mommy misses you but she did the right and loving thing by letting you be free. I'm sending her lotsa brindle kisses to help with her tears.

    Please tell all my furends up there I said hello! I'm sure it's quite the pawty.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  3. Wanted to stop by after I saw the posting in B&T on FB. There are no words that I can say to make the hurt better- just so sorry. And Farfel- have a hecka party at the Rainbow Bridge till we all see you again. My Lucas is there too (he's the big 'dale that looks like a giant teddy bear) with all his friends...♥


  4. We just know that angel Maggie was right there to welcome Farfel and introduce him around.
    Our mom is crying so hard she can hardly see through her tears. Godspeed Farfel. We'll miss you buddy. We know that Star will take good care of your mommy and in time, she'll smile again.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  5. Farfel we just heard that you made the journey to the Rainbow Bridge. We are .so very sorry you had to leave your Mum and she must be utterly devastated but she wanted you to be able to run like the wind again with all our friends who were waiting for you.
    We are sending lots of Airedale kisses and Welshie kisses across the pond to your Mum and we hope these will help her.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  6. Patti. I'm not crying. I'm sobbing. My heart is broken for you. I know the sadness and pain and devastation you feel. I know how hard the past few weeks have been for you, and how gut-wrenchinging miserable the past few days have been. I know the depth of love that you shared with Farfel. And he with you.

    Miss Fergi and jake don't know, yet, that Farfel is across the bridge. Or, perhaps they do. Perhaps they know before we ... and understand that all is okay. That all is well. That Farfel is there with Angel Molly and all the rest and that he is free of pain and restored of dignity and joy now. That he is waiting. And that he is watching. And that he is always in our hearts.

    I know when I tell Miss Fergi (and Jake), that I will cry. And they will lick my tears, trying to understand the human emotions. And trying to console me and let me know all is well. I hope you can feel that support, and know that we all care so much about you. We love Farfel and we love you. Fergi will ALWAYS be The Lovely Miss Fergi to Farfel, and Jake will always be proud to have had such an amazing best friend.

    Take care of yourself, Patti. Give Star a great big hug, and as you whisper words of love to Farfel's ever-present spirit, please include some from us as well.

    Always in our hearts ...
    Much love
    Sally and Nina, Jake and, of course,
    The Lovely Miss Fergi

  7. I'm crying for your mommy, but not for you. Say "hi" to all the HardieDales at Rainbow Bridge. We will salute your bright start tonight. Sidney, Rose, Duke & Sallie

  8. Hey Farfel! We're glad you made it to the bridge OK. Please say HI to our Brother Gizmo. We miss him. We're sending hugs and gentle rottie kisses to your mom. You helped her when she needed you and she helped you when you needed her. That's love.

    -Bart and Ruby

  9. Dear Farfel's Mommy,
    We know that Farfel is not hurting anymore, but we know it hard. I know my big brother will be there greeting him with a big Eskie smile and play bow. We are so sorry.
    Sally Ann and Andy

  10. RIP, dear Farfel. You are in good company at the Rainbow Bridge. Please say hello to our dear Airedale 'Leo'. He has a great sense of humor, you two will get along swimmingly :)

    Love to your Mama,

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  11. Farfel..we have only just heard the news that you have left for the Rainbow Bridge. We know your Mom will be so very sad but you are pain free
    Run free forever with the wind in your face Farfel.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  12. I don't call you because I have no idea what I would say. I don't want your business because I have been grooming your dog for free for 1 1/2 years without a word of thanks, after calling and calling to get her taken care of for MONTHS-which you conveniently don't remember. I don't want to see you because I am hurt and betrayed by YOU. You have taken advantage of me and you know it. I can only hope that you can live with it.