Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Farfel speaks........ :)

I, Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village have decided to write --- it IS MY blog ya know  :)   Those who have known me, know me as a long-time blogger. I started waaay back on MySpace, where I met Jake, and the Lovely Miss Fergi (sigh).  I blogged long before MOMMY -- yes, I am the more talented one, but MOMMY does have her good qualities.

MOMMY gave me the ONLY Airedale in the Village title. She didn't think it up -- of course, she got it from a BBC series "Little Britain."  The original saying was... "I'm the ONLY Gay in the Village!"  You have to watch the show to see the humor  :)

Yes, this disease sucks !!!   There is NO dignity... and I am one dignified kind of guy  :)   Yes, I lick myself, but... with the utmost dignity  :)   And...because I can  :)  Tonight, Joey (grrrr, my nemesis) had to carry me in the house. He is skinny, and probably doesn't weigh as much as me... but... HE carried me in... ugh --- I was laying on a soft blanket, the torturer, decided to drag me to the back door -- on the blanket. Well, I showed him ... I didn't go out  :)  I will go out later with my MOMMY -- I hope. I am pretty tired today.  My front legs are acting up!!  UGH!!  MOMMY read where it affects the tails on some dogs... well, I still wag my thumb-sized tail  :)  It is an awesome tail.

I agree with my MOMMY about not getting a wheelchair, and all of that other stuff. First, we live in a condo, and to get to the street there are steps, and... quite an incline. Welll, I can imagine being all hooked up to the chair... and Star (the interloper), giving it a little nudge -- and there I would gooooooo zooooooming down the hill without the benefit of a good butt-tuck-run. I couldn't.  I have always been potty trained. It would mortify me to go in the house -- even if I would be going in diapers. I can think of nothing that would even make the idea moderately attractive. Star -- well, sometimes she leaves a little stinky present for MOMMY.  Star acts like it's the crown jewels or something.  Sometimes she gets a guilty look on her face (Star, not MOMMY).  Not often though... sometimes I think I can hear her giggling (Star, not MOMMY).

Of course I do not want to leave my MOMMY.  I haven't fully trained her yet.  Who will be there to wipe their soaking wet beard in her gentlemen (HA, very funny) caller's crotches?? Not Star, she is TOO polite!! I really wanted to get MOMMY married off -- before I go. Not sure if she wants that -- but, she could use a companion almost as smart, funny, handsome, wonderful ...( OK... you get my drift  :) ) as me  :)  There are many dating sites out there -- Christian Mingles... "Let God find your match."  Does God have to be associated with a dating site to find one's love match ??  Old people matches, Horse Lovers matches, J-Date, for the Jewish persuasion...and many others. Funny thing though.... people are totally intermingled on these sites!!!  And... most have been on these sites for yeaaaars!!   I propose someone invent an Airedale Terrier Lovers Dating site!!!  Then I know MOMMY would find the right match for her !!!  If I may add --- The Airedale Terrier Lover should also be very good looking, intelligent, funny....and RICH (hehehehe).  In return, you will be getting an Airedale Terrier Lover, who is intelligent, funny, extremely beautiful (heheheh)...and not so wealthy... but hey, if you have the's all good!!   No humine man could ever replace me.... but, it's worth a try   :)

Whatever MOMMY decides is OK with me. This disease is harder on her than it is on me. MOMMY would never admit it though. MOMMY has devoted the last month to me. Her disease ... Hashimoto's ... hehehe stupid name for a disease,,,has been forgotten for now.  I hear her sniffling all of the time. When she lays down with me... my ear ends up soaked, and salty. I don't mind  :)  I know Star sneaks up to bed with MOMMY. I don't mind that either. MOMMY needs Star right now. I wish it could be me, can't :( I am happy for every moment I have with MOMMY, as she is with me. For now, we are going to enjoy each other's company, and be as happy as we can  :)



MOMMY loves and appreciates all of the comments and E-mails. She learned a new word today -- twice ... "Heart-Dog" .. yes, I am her heart-dog, and she is my heart-MOMMY  :)

Thank you everybody  :)

Heart-Dog and Heart-MOMMY  :)


  1. Farfel lovely to see you post something on your blog! These hoomans of ours do like to take over don't they?

    WE hope you continue to suffer with soggy ears for a long while to come and have many cuddles with your Heart-Mommy.

    MOlly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  2. How wonderful to hear you speak, Farfel! We can feel just how much you and your mommy love each other. Not a day goes by that we don't think of you both.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  3. You just keep on cuddling and blogging, Farfel! We're sending lots of love and hugs from the Bentman and Crew down in Texas.

  4. Thanks everybody -- your comments mean a lot :)

  5. Farfel, Heart dogs have a great job....I think of my Heart dog everyday and I hope you get to meet him someday as he is a great Airedale just like you! Hugs and kisses from my house to yours.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Linda :)

  6. Sweet handsome Fawfel

    I know you wowwy about youw Mommy as she hods you and wets yoow eaws wif hew teaws and as you know my wise and wondewful fwiend, thewe is NEVEW enuff time to give all the love we have and teach all the lessons to ouw hoomans and make shoowe they'll be awight wifout us. All I know is, you will aways be yoow Mommy's heawtdoggie and she will love yoo fuwwevew and not let you be in pain. You awe vewy vewy speshull and i sendyou my stwength and healing smoochies fow all the moments you have..they awe all pweshuss
    I hug you softly ovew the miles
    Smoochie kisses

    1. Thank you dear Asta :) Farfel went to the Rainbow Bridge today. We loved each other very much. Farfel and I have always cherished your friendship :) You make sure you take care of your Mommy :)


  7. :( I can't write. I'm too sad right now.
    We love you, Miss Patti.

    The Lovely Miss Fergi and all my family