Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Farfel has great hips -- but an awful disease :(

I took Farfel to the vet yesterday for X-rays -- hoping they would find something different than this horrible disease. They didn't. There was no arthritis or hip dysplasia. At 10-years old -- Farfel has great hips.

It was difficult getting him to the car and into the car for his appointment. At the vets, which is only like 3 minutes away...Farfel had a very difficult time maneuvering on the tile floor. The tech wanted his weight...and wanted him to stand on the scale.  Normally, I am a very agreeable person. I told her NO!  I wasn't going to torture him by making him get on the scale. He was there 3-weeks ago. He was 67.5 pounds. If he gained or lost a few pounds -- what would it matter ???  I mean really!

He couldn't make it back to the X-ray room. A different tech wrapped a towel around  Farfel and held him up -- it was sad.

My son Mark and I waited for the x-rays to be finished. Finally they brought Farfel out -- with the towel, and him hating every second of it.  I went in to speak to the vet. Bad news. I expected it -- but...you never know. I was hoping like crazy that it was something else, or he needed an operation --- or something.  The vet -- who is wonderful, and has been very kind throughout all of this was surprised at how much  Farfel deteriorated in 3-weeks. I think he thought I was exaggerating when I spoke to him on the phone. I wasn't...  :( 

Farfel couldn't walk, so the Doc picked him up and carried him to the car. I told him he didn't have to, I had my young, very muscular son with me (he was paying the bill at the time) .... but. the Doc said ..no, he wanted to do it .... I felt very good, and very sad at the same time.  He put Farfel in the back seat, very gently, I told him thanks....and...it was like we both knew, but didn't say that the next time he saw Farfel, he would not be coming home with me  :(

We came back home...and Farfel looked like a King (which he is) sitting in the back seat  :)  Airedales have great faces...especially noses...and the best facial expressions -- Farfel's are the best (of course, I am biased)...!!!!!!    My son scooped him up...and carried him into the house. He put Farfel down on this huge pillow and blanket bed I have on the living room floor. Yes -- I moved furniture for my best friend -- I would do anything for him...and I mean it!!

After Farfel's ordeal, I expected him to be tired. He ate just fine. drank lots of water, and had a few treats!!!  Star was very happy to see Farfel...and gave him a good sniffing-over!!  He had strange dogs smell on him  :)   Farfel snapped at her. She didn't seem to mind ...she is a sweetheart  :)

Later ...Farfel could not get up at all!  He would try, and he would fall down.  He was so confused and frustrated. It was so sad to see him go through it.  I knew he had lots of water, and food, and needed to go out. I wouldn't have cared if he went in the house -- he wouldn't.  Finally I got him up and he wobbled to the door and down his little ramp ..... he wobbled went to the grassy area....and fell down, and couldn't get up.  My son Ryan and I tried to get him up .. with a towel, he just couldn't do it.  I called Joey....and Joey came over and since Joey is Farfel's nemesis (joking)....he tried everything in his power to get up....we got him in the house with the aid of the towel. Farfel plopped down, and would get up. He couldn't.   I stayed with Farfel all night.  He whimpered most of the time. When he couldn't see me he would cry.  I have never felt such sadness in my life.

This morning... I knew he HAD to go out. It had been almost 15 hours since he went to the bathroom.  He wouldn't get up. Finally I said.... Joey is outside!!!  He gets up..starts barking....and wobbled to the door.  He went outside...and took the longest pee pee, I have ever seen him do  :)  Remind me of that scene in Austin Powers.  He wobbled around a little more to find the right spot for a poo....and with his last bit of strength ... did his business.  Normally....Farfel would take a long time to find the right spot... he would do a little... then find another spot....do more... then find another spot ... :)   It was difficult to clean up after him on walks  :)  He had to be different  :)   He came in... seemed very relieved... and plopped down.  

I had an appointment... and Joey came over to sit with Farfel ...and Star.  He (Farfel) was frantic when I got home.  Joey seemed very sad -- he is sad.  I calmed Farfel down....and he is now resting comfortably.   I don't know what to do. Farfel is not happy like many of the dogs with DM. He is scared, frustrated, and confused.  I do not want to be the judge ... who decides whether my best friend lives or dies...and when. I also do not want to see my best friend sad, frustrated, scared, or confused -- when his quality of life would be plopped down -- never being able to run... or find just the right spot to poo!!!   Not to sound like a freak, but it was waaaaay easier being the person who decided to have my father taken off life support.

It helps to write....kind of rambling... but they are my thoughts. Hopefully .. Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village... will feel up to writing something soon   :)

Patti, Farfel, and Star!

Best New Year's date --EVER!!!


  1. Our mom is crying for you and Farfel, Miss Patti. We want you and Farfel to be happy and it shatters us when you're not. It's so hard to watch your furkids struggle. (((hugs)))

    Mitch, Molly and Sue

  2. Oh, Patti, through massive tears I want you to know how much we care and are here for you ... this breaks my heart ... I wish I knew the right words to say ... I just want to wave a wand and make it all okay for you and Farfel and Joey and the rest of your family. I hope you can feel the strength of the friendships of those of us who know the pain you are in right now ... and the fear and the sadness. Listen to your heart, and know that you will know what is right, when.

    We love you all, so much.
    The Lovely MIss Fergi sends her love to her first (and, truly, only) true love.

    Sally and the kids

  3. We are sending big gentle hugs to you and Farfel. We hope you receive them and know we are thinking of you.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  4. Our paths have never crossed in blogland, but reading your post has pulled at our heart strings we are sending you love and hugs
    George and Tess xxx

  5. Fergie and Jake let us know you could use some extra support and love. Sending the most powerful White Dog healing energies to Farfel and strength for clarity and courage to his family.

  6. Sending hugs from your old MySpace friends Timo, Teddy and Susan <3

  7. I always say they'll let us know -

    Their eyes and tails hold so many clues -

    We just need need to choose to understand their messages -

    Ask Farfel -

    He won't let you down -

    Khyra and Her Mom

  8. Jake, Fergi and Sally told us about your sweet Farfel. I can only offer prayers for you, Farfel and your family during his most difficult time.
    Listen to your heart and look into his eyes, you will find your answer. Just know that prayers are being sent your way.
    For now, I pray our Heavenly Father wraps his loving arms around you to give you comfort,
    Winston, Chloe, Cecil and Mom Shawn

  9. Were hoping that everything will be fine soon, sending you our hugs and prayers :D

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