Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dogs are special :)

Farfel, my ONLY Airedale in the Village, has been with me since he was about 12 weeks old.  I have had many dogs in my lifetime. From my beginning there has been Togi Mar, a Boxer, Coco, a beautiful Standard Poodle, Cyrano, a Miniature Poodle, Pandora, a beautiful Mutt -- who looked like a perfect miniature German Shepherd, Pogo, a wonderful 100 pound Standard Poodle, Muffy, an Old English Sheepdog, Laika, a Samoyed, who smiled all of the time,  Pete, a Mutt, Josie, an English Springer Spaniel, Benji, a Golden Retriever, who was a wanderer, BJ, another Golden Retriever, Jazz, a huge gentle Akita, Nick, my sweet Black Lab, and finally -- Farfel.  All wonderful dogs who I was separated from by many different reasons -- Some were stolen, several died of old age, one ran away, and several were SENT away by my NON-DOG-LOVING parents. Thankfully, I did not inherit that particular trait!!!  Their loss though -- not knowing just how wonderful, loving, and being able to understand what a dog has to offer.

I wasn't an introverted unpopular kid. It isn't that I needed the friendship of a dog to keep me company. I just preferred the company of my dogs!!  I also preferred the company of horses as well. Not cats so much.  My pets offered so much more than my siblings -- and going with a typical Greek Vendetta -- my brother and sister are "dead to me!" Even though they are alive (I think, I honestly have no idea, nor do I care). Neither of them could hold a handle to any of my dogs, or for that matter, any dog, cat, get my meaning  :) Anyway, I learned from a very young age what my pets have meant to me. I find non-dog lovers to be different. People who seem to be missing something. People who I might know, but would never be close to me. I guess that would make me a judgmental racist -- that's OK with me  :)

All my dogs have been special. Farfel, however is the most special. There is nothing like a Terrier, and there is nothing like an Airedale Terrier :)   Farfel is handsome, funny, loving .. I could go on, and on  :)   He is one dog I truly have chemistry with, He gets me. He is very special to me. I am very attached to him, He has been with me through some very bad times in my life -- and because of him (seriously), I made it through.

Dogs give the most unconditional love there is -- they are a gift. Humines, who have the big brains, big educations, and life experiences could learn a lesson or two or 19 from a dog.  I only wish the men I have been in relationships over the years could even come close to Farfel. There is only ONE way they could "offer" me something Farfel could not -- and... ya know... sometimes that isn't so great -- even though the stupid men think they are "talented" Romeos  :)  Poor men  :)  Hahaha !  Farfel loves me... fat or thin...happy or or no makeup ... old or young... etc., etc., etc.. I could write an entire blog about Farfel compared to the men I have dated -- Farfel would win hands down :)  One more thing... have you ever known a dog to abuse their owner... or have a drinking or drug problem ??? Nope  :)

I haven't forgotten about Star!  She is beautiful, sweet, quirky, and she is obsessed with me. I got her in November of 2010. She was 5 then. Since then she has been separated from me to be bred, have her puppies...and wean her puppies. She has been bred again, and will be leaving me in a few weeks to have her next litter. It has been a process bonding with her. She has a need to feel wanted and secure. I don't know a lot about her past -- other than she was a show dog.  I don't think she was raised as a family pet. I had to force her to get on my bed and the furniture -- yes I know, how ODD for an Airedale  :)  She doesn't play with toys -- kind of nibbles them. She loves food and treats. She is a wonderful dog with the sweetest temperament. With a little work -- she now loves HER couch, and she has taken over my bed  :)   She has been very sweet during this sad time with Farfel. They still do not snuggle, and probably never will  :(

Farfel is not doing well at all. He is getting worse daily. His quality of life is dwindling. Financially I cannot get him doggie wheels, acupuncture, swimming therapy, diapers, expensive medication .... and anything else that MIGHT provide some hope -- but in the end, only prolong the inevitable. Right now Farfel is basically confined to one room. He has his little ramp to go outside -- which is getting very difficult. He does not want to go outside. It makes me sad when he finally does go out -- that he has held his pee for so long that he can hardly stand up to go anymore. Today, even with my help, he fell face first down the ramp. He fell several times when he was going to the bathroom.  He came in... went about three feet... and plopped down. He couldn't go any further. He doesn't get up when I come in the house anymore. Before (yesterday), he would get up, and hobble to me. He can't go to his toy box, take time and select just the right toy...try to break it's neck, remove the eyes...and remove all of the stuffing.   There is no dignity in this disease. There is no getting better. Even if I could financially give Farfel everything, the result is the same. I am not ready to give up on Farfel yet -- even though he is not happy...he IS bewildered, sad, frustrated, confused, and scared.  I don't want to lose him. I don't want to make an appointment for "when it's time!"  I can't even imagine how they day is going to play out -- I don't want to imagine it. This is so unfair that he (and other dogs) has to go through's just wrong. I am ashamed to say......that sometimes I wish he would just go to sleep ....dream about all of the fun we used to have ... his running...his beautiful prancing....his singing...and how much we all love him .....then just not wake up.

Patti, Farfel, and Star

Very sad, but so sweet. It says it all  :) I don't know who wrote it. 

Thanks to all who have commented, and written to me. It means a lot.  I am not myself these days.

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  1. What a powerful poem. Our mom can't hardly see to type through her tears.
    We love you!

    Mitch and Molly