Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Farfel and his Festus foot :)


Well, no more depressing blogs!!!  Would Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village want that -- NO!!  Of course he would want to be the center of every one's attention and the center of every one's Universe -- but, he is sick of all the depressing stuff -- me too  :)

I, as well as some members of my family have always used humor as a way to cope.  Instead of dwelling on my brain tumor -- I named it Hector. I named Farfel's tumor -- Anthony Weiner. I had a party right before my bilateral mastectomy-- the infamous "Ta Ta to the TaTa's" party. Making fun of myself, as well as others (behind their backs ..of course)  can help.  It's difficult for me to make light of Farfel's ordeal, or even make fun of him --- it doesn't seem right -- but, I gotta try  :)

I was letting Farfel outside today..feeling bad for him when I noticed his "limp."  He was walking kind of funny -- kind of like the Monty Python guy --- but not as much!  It dawned on me...he was walking like Festus on Gunsmoke. Remember him ?    Well, sadly, (or happy) I laughed  :)  Farfel turns around and looks at me with that WTF look on his face ...then since I was laughing, he got excited...and limped over to me...with his "Festus foot!"  I could almost hear him say .... Missssster Dillllllon....even though I am more of the Miss Kitty type  :)   

This morning was kind of sad (I said no more sad blogs -- wait, it gets better)...he was looking at the couch where Star, the PrinCESS (emphasis on the last syllable) was lounging. He wanted to get up on it ---  He put his front legs on the couch and I lifted his rear-end up .. and he sprawled...totally getting into Star's "space!" hehehee .... :)   I had to leave... and I didn't want to make Farfel get off the couch, so I put the love seat cushions on the floor by the couch (in case he tried to get off)...and was still worried that he would fall off and hurt himself.... well, I was explaining this to my son....saying how worried I was to leave him...and looked... and there was the couch... staring at us  :) 

He is a happy guy ... always has been.... he deserves a happy blog  :) He has no idea who Festus is.... but it's OK ... he has no idea who the Nestle's Quick dog is   ..... :)  Farfel thinks he is the ONLY Airedale in the Village named Farfel  :)

Patti, Farfel, and Star  :)


  1. Can it be removed or possiblys shrunk with doggie kemo?
    Sally Ann

    1. Farfel had the tumor removed last year. He has Degenerative Myelopathy now. Similar to MS and ALS in humans. There is no cure..he will eventually be paralyzed. Thanks for the thoughts though, I appreciate them :)

  2. Your post made us smile, Patti! We love you, Farfel!

    Mitch and Molly