Monday, February 14, 2011

TA TA to the TATA'S and the New York Yankees :)

I, Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village ... am very disappointed in the Grammy Awards! That's all I have to say --- OK -- not disappointed in Lady GaGa :) I just thought you would like to know! 

My lameness is just about healed -- the physical lameness .. that is :) ... Little Miss Star keeps bouncing around and snarling/hissing at me. We are still not sure if she has been debarked, but without checking her, the Vet said probably not -- because debarking a dog doesn't prevent a dog from barking, it makes the bark sound reeaally funny -- like Froggy from the Little Rascals  :)  Star only barks three times a day. The Vet, being the smartass that he is, said; "Star doesn't bark because Farfel barks enough for her and the whole neighborhood" (Village -- ass!)!

MOMMY'S surgery date is confirmed. It is March 1st, 2011. The TA TA to the TATA party is the weekend before!! You are ALL invited!!! From now until the surgery MOMMY has a gazillion Doc appointments!!  All in all -- MOMMY'S attitude is pretty good!!  One thing -- if anybody is going to go through this, or knows anybody who is going to go through this --- MOMMY recommends that you do NOT go on YouTube and watch videos of breast reconstruction -- it IS depressing!!!!  Someone actually posted a video of a woman trying to get up soon after her mastectomy !! UGH, UGH, and Double-UGH!  It wasn't necessary (in MOMMY'S opinion).  Some of the videos are kind of uplifting, and some just are NOT uplifting!  Of course, something like this is different for every woman... and MOMMY appreciates that, but MOMMY, who is normally a happy person -- was not happy at all after watching the videos. One thing that concerns MOMMY is -- in her opinion stupid, but -- a concern. MOMMY does not have a someone who is madly in love with her -- or loves her for who she is -- meaning her warped sense of humor... her personality...her everything. It would be nice if there were a special person,  who would love and care about her with her new ---alien boobies, frankenboobies,...etc. It is hard to be "out there" at her advanced age...and try to find someone -- the men want women with perfect bodies -- etc.  BUT!!!  The most important reason for doing this is so that MOMMY drops her breast cancer percentage from over 70% down to about 1 or 2 percent!  Besides -- if someone didn't like my MOMMY because he boobies were freaky looking -- welllll, I would have to bite them ----- very hard!  Star, who is soooo gentle and very meek for an Airedale wouldn't bite anybody, but I bet she would let out one of her totally creepy barks :) She is so weird!!  But....a good weird!!

So, no more sad thoughts -- MOMMY is going to be fine!!  AND ----- the best news.......MOMMY has been invited to the NEW YORK YANKEES Homecoming dinner in Manhattan -- on March 30th, 2011!!!!  I have never seen MOMMY so excited!!! MOMMY'S friend Eddie -- who is a totally over the top Mets fan...did this for MOMMY!!! We still like him, even though he is a Mets fan, and understand the sacrifice he is making by wanting to spend the evening with all those NY Yankees!!!  MOMMY loves NY, and especially loves the Yankees  :) So....MOMMY does have something to look forward to after the surgery!!! MOMMY just hopes she has some boobies -- she doesn't want to disappoint Derek Jeter!!! Sooo publicly, MOMMY and I want to thank our friend Eddie, from Jackson Heights NY, who is the ONLY straight man in the Village --- hahahahaha !! It IS true --- straight people can have a wonderful platonic relationship!!! Thank you Eddie for making my MOMMY happy!!  OH -- one more thing -- Eddie is driving from NY to Ohio for MOMMY'S TA TA to the TATA'S party  :) MOMMY does have a special friend coming to the TATA party, and she IS very excited ---I think she likes the special friend more than he likes her --- wow, it sounds like I am in high school ---- hehehehe!!

Sooooo...Party is February 26 --- Surgery is March 1 -- NY Yankees -- March 30!!!  Everybody is invited!!!!  Well, to the party, not the surgery -- that would not be a fun time....hehehe...MOMMY wants them to put her boobies in a jar....I don't think they will do that --- she is weird  :) 

We do love ALL of the dog people -- and friends we have met here at Blogger  :)  We are happy that we are also friends with some of you on Facebook. If any of you would like to join us on Facebook -- just look up: Patti Zaharopoulos Labay. We would love to be your friends!!! I think MOMMY prefers canines, and humines who love dogs over the humines who do not --- maybe that is why MOMMY is spending Valentine's Day with her two favorite people-- ME, Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village..and...little Star -- and Star does know.....that MOMMY is MY Valentine  :) And... of course... The very Lovely Miss Fergi :)


Farfel  :)

W.W.F.D. -- What would Farfel do....?

Well, I don't know what to do in these next few weeks --- except, just be me, so MOMMY can be happy and smile a lot :) I am very good at that  -----  :)