Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A good day!!!

I have to admit that the last few weeks I have been understandably distraught. My head is so overloaded from all of the research I have done on the DM -- which, since I am in a better mood, I think it's deserves a better name. Last year, I named Farfel's big ugly tumor -- Anthony Weiner. Fitting since Anthony Weiner is a big dumbass, who needed to be removed from society. There are just so many names I could use for DM -- to describe it for the monster it really is ----- "Santorum Syndrome?" "John Edwardsosis?" "Ann Coulteropathy?" many....."Mitt, I'm a douche,Romney" really doesn't sound that evil -- he is somewhat OK for a Republican Candidate..UNLESS, he asks Michelle Bachmann (OHMYGOD) to be his running-mate, then, well, I don't know -- still, it wouldn't be a good name for such a heinous disease, more like a good name for crabs, scabies, or genital warts!  "RomneyBachmannOhNotheItchitis!"   I think I will just call it HITLER!  Good name for a  fiendishly horrid disease that is ......afflicting my best bud!

So, yeah, I was distraught. Still am in a way -- but.... Farfel is not getting better (that won't happen) but he had a very good night last night, and so far a very good day!!!  He went out -- his wobbly way, did his business -- without falling, and even waited partially on the ramp for me to let him inside!~!!  He has done this three different times so far, and ... it's a good thing. His appetite is wonderful, and he seems very happy and less frustrated today. We even played with a ZuuZuu pet (one of the grandheathens), and... being his normal self, when he got bored with it, he tossed it away with his paw --- after slobbering over it   :)  Star, on the other hand, looked at her ZuuZuu pet -- suspiciously, then in a very dainty way, nibbled it -- until it started to "talk" ..she looked away like it didn't exist  :)  She is so cute and weird  :)

I am not going to be fooled by this false sense of security, I am just very happy that he is having a good day,, and I don't have such sad, and dismal feelings.

I have to thank everyone for such nice and kind comments -- and advice. Even though I have never met most of you -- there was ONE time that Sally, Nina, Jake, and LOVELY Miss Fergi were just a few short miles from me -- but.. I was working  :(  --I feel close to all of you!!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

So, if you don't mind, I will continue my ramblings. It helps. From day to day they may have a bit of a bipolar twist --- up -- down -- up down -- but ... hey, that makes it interesting  :)

One thing -- I read an article today about how Marijuana helps humines with MS. Since the HITLER disease is very similar in dogs I was thinking about it for Farfel. Even if it doesn't help him, he would probably be in a very good mood  :)  I am Joking  :)   One thing I truly love about Farfel is  the fact that he isn't a pothead!  If he was he would probably listen to really mellow(UGH) music -- and  be waaay too laid back for me  :)    I don't think he would look good in dreads -- save those for the Pulis :)

Patti, Farfel, and Star  :)

OH -- Farfel says he would never be a pothead because he couldn't bring himself to wear Patchouli!!!  :)


  1. Please ramble on, Patti - for as long as you want to and as often as you want to. Farfel will have his better days and his not so better days - just as our Maggie did. We sorta know how you're feeling. (((hugs)))

    Sue, Mitch and Molly

  2. Thanks Sue, Mitch, and Molly :) Of course I want Farfel around forever -- but, when it's his time, he will be in good company. I am sure Maggie will look out for him :)

  3. Wow, were so happy to hear that great news,I'm sure that you really enjoy your day with Farfel :D

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond

  4. This is gonna be a long comment. (Paws crossed I don't lose it before I post it)

    First of all, we are so so pleased to read that Farfel (and you) are having a better day. Make it a good memory maker one!

    Seconly: Miss Fergi has met Maggie ... and she is not a bit jealous or territorial. Just saying'

    Third: Missy Thorson left me a long message for you. I decided to paste it in here ... and I'll let her know I did. Here goes:

    "Hi Sally, I am so sorry to hear about dear Farfel, and my heart aches for his mom and familly. Please tell her to seek out a holistic vet. You know how our holistic vet helped Justin so much. OZONE! Tell her to at least call one and talk to them and see if they can help a dog with this disease. They might have a special herb or tonic that could help. You know how much I believe in the holistics now! Also Please tell her that we are praying for Farfel and their family. This is so upsetting, especially how quick it happened to him. I remember telling Steve that Justin's back legs went downhill fast also. There are slings with nice handles that Farfel's mom can buy to help sturdy him when he tries to walk. They work better then a towel. This is Soooo sad. I am so sorry! Please tell Farfel's mom that we know what she is going through, and that our love and prayers are with her and Farfel at this time."

    Now. Stop reading and go give that sweet big guy a hug ... and a long tender cuddle from His Lovely Miss Fergi.

    All of us

    1. Thank you Sally.. and thank you Missy!!! Also thank you to Judith, Jake and Fergi's aunt, and Mom to Zoe for the very kind E-mail!! I will check into a holistic vet :) I know he won't get better, but he is seemingly happy right now, and I would love to have him around a little (A LOT) longer !!

  5. We are so pleased Farfel has had better day. Every day is a special time for you both and we really hope they continue.
    We send Farfel lots of gentle woods and licks and hope you have a good weekend.
    Molly,Taffy,Monty and Winnie