Monday, May 14, 2012

Stupid, Dumb, Awful Disease!

I wish I had something positive and miraculous to say about Farfel's condition -- like wow,  we, Farfel and I, just woke up from the same bad dream, and he is walking fine!!! That didn't happen. We are still in this same Degenerative Myelopathy nightmare.

I am probably on the Internet hours and hours daily to find out as much  as I can about this disease. It's all the same. No good outlook. I have corresponded with several people who have all given me very good advice and support, which I appreciate very much.

He now has a ramp to get outside. It works great and he seems very happy with it -- Star, however, is not happy with it! She is suspicious of the strange contraption, and leaps over it so her dainty feet do not have to touch it!!

On a happy note -- Star's "other" mommy wrote a very nice blog about her upcoming litter :) Here is the link:     This particular blog is all about Star  :)  The previous blog is about Star's baby daddy  -- "Slammer" what a great name!  As for sweet Star -- she is beautiful, very smart, very polite, well-mannered, calm (Yes... for an Airedale!). She is very athletic, She has the most beautiful build, and a wonderful happy attitude. She is also a bit of a diva -- but only because we spoil her  :)   She is a beautiful Airedale, as well as Nancy's other Airedales.  Recently through all of my Farfel ordeal, Nancy groomed him.  He needed it badly, but I honestly didn't want to torture him. Well, I knew Nancy would give him extra special care. I have taken Farfel to Easdale since about 2004.  He has always been treated wonderfully, and has never had any fear about getting his hair done  :)   This last time was no exception. With his limitations, Nancy made him look  as handsome as ever. He was just -- understandably, tired.  I've never had to kennel Farfel because I have been lucky to always have someone care for him if I have been gone. The kennels are beautiful, and clean, and the grounds are even more beautiful. Yes, I know this sounds like an advertisement -- but, there are many people I appreciate in going through this whole thing with Farfel, and Nancy is one of them. Because of Nancy, Farfel has been wonderfully groomed all of these years, and because of Nancy, I have Star.   I  don't know if Farfel will be able to be groomed again due to the progression of this "effing" disease.  I am taking him to the vet today for x-rays -- wishful thinking in hoping it's something else -- and, I don't think he will be able to walk to the car,  get in the car, get out of the car, an walk into the vets. It's getting really tough for him.

So, hopefully  I will get good news today. If not, well, Farfel and I will continue to go through this together. Star helps too :)  Even though one of Farfel's biggest enjoyments is growling and muttering at her  :)  She doesn't mind. She  even kissed his ear the other day :)  Hopefully ...soon.... they snuggle....hehehe  doubtful :)


Patti, Farfel and Star  



  1. Oh Farfel! You know, I'm a big fan of acupuncture. I get it for my sore neck. It won't cure your illness, but your might find some relief. Just a thought.


  2. (((hugs))) to you, Miss Patti, Farfel and Star.
    We love you guys!

    Mitch and Molly