Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A note to Farfel ...

Dear Farfel,

It's been two weeks and one day -- and I miss you more and more each day!  I know you are happy, healthy, and having a great time. I am happy for that -- but extremely unhappy you are not here with me.

I took Star to Nancy's yesterday -- another loss for me :( She should be having her babies in a few days. I didn't want to part with her -- but, with Nancy she will be safe, secure, and have her babies in a very calm environment ... cuz, I don't know nothin' about birthin' no puppies!! The house is so quiet -- it was quiet with Star here -- hehehe, but.... since you don't yell at her every time she barks --she has been barking more, in her little raspy Foghorn Mary bark. I miss your bark, and your sassing, and how you would bark ferociously at the TV at those horrible dogs who were trying to make their way into our living room :)

I wish I had you back. You were such a comfort to me -- always. You were a wonderful dog Farfel -- I am so happy that we found each other  :)  I miss you.  Time hasn't healed these wounds.  You were my best friend forever -- thanks  for being you  :)

I told Nancy I wanted to reserve a puppy.  Nobody could replace you  :)   It has to be a little boy puppy :)  I think Star will like living with her son. She can be the boss  :)  We have treated Star like a little princess these last two weeks. Farfel -- I don't think she misses you, or else she hides it very well.   She is such a sweet girl.  
We love her  :)

I was thinking of names for the new puppy -- Farfel Too -- cute :)  But .... with shortening and nicknames.... we felt he would end up being called Far too ... and eventually Fart -- nope!  I can hear you chuckling. That isn't a name for an Airedale -- especially your successor  :)  We will just have to see him and decide on a good, proud Airedale name --- there can be just one ... Farfel the ONLY Airedale in the Village  :)  

Nancy offered me a "loaner"  dog -- Star's daughter from a previous litter -- I haven't decided yet.  I really haven't decided 100% on a puppy -- but, the anticipation would be good for me. I want to make sure everything is good for Star  :)  

In my weird mind -- I feel with your passing... and the puppy's arrival -- maybe somehow you two could pass each other -- and rub off on each other  :)  I guess stranger things have happened.

The Vet's office sent a very nice card. They all signed it  :)  The Doc wrote a very sweet note -- and they enclosed your paw print. It's beautiful  :) It makes me sad to look at it -- but at the same time, it makes me feel close to you. Today -- I pick up your ashes. It will be difficult.

I have to tell you about all of your wonderful friends who have been so thoughtful with their comments :) I only wish I could have those comments when I go  :)  You were a special guy  :)

Be well Farfel :)  I will miss you forever...



I miss your gorgeous nose  :)


  1. Tears are sliding down mom's cheeks because she knows exactly how you are feeling, Miss Patti.
    No AirePuppy will ever replace your precious Farfel but he or she will make you smile and laugh at the silly puppy antics.
    Lots of hugs to you, Patti!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

    1. Thank you Mitch and Wee Molly :) I wish I could have a puppy right now -- but, I will wait because it will mean a lot to have one of Star's babies. I hope he is as cute as you Wee Molly :) Thanks for the hugs :)

  2. this letter of yours is very inspiring and it's really touch our hearts.

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    1. Thank you :) It is very hard for me to let go of him.

  3. Our lovely Dales give us so much when they are with us but there is a hole in our hearts when they have to leave us and it seems to take so long to heal.

    We do so hope that you will bring one of Star's sons home soon. As Mitch and Molly have said above a little AirePuppy will never replace Farfel but a little Aire rascal in your home will bring you joy.

    We send you Airedale hugs across the pond, hope they reach you OK and we continue to think of you each day and also Farfel running like the wind at the Rainbow Bridge.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

    1. Thank you Molly, Taffy, Monty, and Winnie :) You are so sweet :)

  4. Patti,

    Because Lucia and I neglect our blog something awful these days, I didn't see your post about Farfel until just a short while ago. I am so deeply, deeply sorry, Patti, and our hearts break for you. Though I never met your darling boy, he came to life for me through your wonderful, funny blog posts, and I can't tell you how often I would read them and think, "I wish I could have met them both before I left the area." Lucia and I were back recently to visit Nancy -- she had not seen Lucia since very shortly after I picked Lu up from Seneca as a puppy -- and we were happy to be back at Easedale among all of Nancy's Airedales and Airedale memorabilia. I only wish we could have seen you and your Star while we were there!

    My apologies for rambling on here! We keep you in our thoughts, Patti, and hope that the days get a little easier as time goes on. Please contact us on email - aireluciaATgmailDOTcom -- if you ever feel like chatting about sweet Farfel, Star or life in general.

    Take care --

    Lucia and her "ragazza"

  5. Sweet Fawfel
    Thewe awe no wowdds..I will see you swomeday ovew the bwidge, till then, know I tweasoowed youw fwiendship and miss you and will keep you in my heawt
    smoochie kisses

    1. Thank you Asta :) I hope to see you too --- but not soon! Take your time, and love and enjoy your mommy :)


  6. A lovely note to Farfel. We know how much you miss him.
    We are so pleased you are thinking of having an airepup especially one of Star's. You have so much love to give.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  7. Miss Fergi came and lay near my feet as I read this ... and I think was comforted by knowing that memories of Farfel will be with us always. He holds a special place in our hearts ... and from that space will help you (and us) enjoy all the things that life from here on has to offer ... just as he would want it. There is much to look forward to ... and ... one day ... we'll all be together.

    Always and forever, Farfel will stay The ONLY Airedale in The Lovely Miss Fergi's heart. And you all will stay among our best friends.

    Much love
    Sally and "the kids"

  8. We think Fawfel will pass by the pups and give them his blessing and be happy that you have something to look fowawd to. Fawfel will always be thewe, in youw heawt, nevew faw away..don't be sad..you got to shawe in the life of The only and best Aiwedale's life
    I'm cwossing my paws fow Staw to have a smoof and healthy delivewy
    smoochie kisses