Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thank you :)

I want to thank all who have commented and so kindly gave me their condolences for Farfel.  New friends, old friends, cousins, family, and people I don't even know -- how wonderful you all have been to me.

Thank you for putting up with my depressing blogs, super long photo montage (I couldn't help it -- I couldn't stop!!  :) ) , and for all of your great advice :) I appreciate all of you  :)

Monday was the most difficult day. I don't regret my decision, I just wish that I never had to make that decision.  I am definitely not handling it well -- I want him back.

In about 10 days or so, I will be sending Star to Nancy, at Easdale Kennels. As I have mentioned before Star is a Seneca Airedale, and Nancy IS Seneca Airedales.  Star's babies are due around the 25th of June. So in 10 days, I will experience another loss -- Star :( Good thing though, Easdale is only about 5 minutes away from me, so --- (sorry Nancy :))  I imagine I will be coming to see Star verrrry often.  It will also be the first time in 10 years I will be without an Airedale in my life -- utter torture to say the least :(    I will probably be getting Star back  in August sometime. I have been discussing with my sons about getting another Airedale. Of course it would mean a lot to have one of Star's babies. Nothing could ever replace Farfel, but puppy breath is very healing  :)

I would also like to mention just how great my sons have been through all of this -- Ryan, who was in NYC when the decision was made was very close to Farfel.  Mark, who carried Farfel from the house, to the car, and into the vets...but couldn't stay -- very understandable, and my son Joey who was with me the entire time, and who helped me get Farfel in and out of the house, and gave him a lot of love during this sad time. I have called Joey Farfel's nemesis throughout the years -- Actually it was truly a serious case of sibling rivlary...funniest thing -- they would argue, play..etc.... like two kids  :)  Joey feels his loss deeply  :(

Sooo sweet little Star  :)  She is oblivious. I don't think she realizes or cares that Farfel the loud-mouth isn't around.  The house is soooo quiet. there is nobody attacking the TV ... nobody barking at a distant bark... nobody barking at absolutely nothing ... and nobody sassing me loudly, or barking louder when I say SHHHHHHHHH  :)  It's quiet here  --- Star is a quiet polite girl.  She is happy, healthy, and quirky  :)

Not sure if I will blog anymore.... I just wanted to thank everybody .... Thanks again to all   :)

Patti, and Star *

Oh crap.... Farfel toooooo   :)  

Such a handsome guy -- I will miss him forever!


  1. Patti - not a day goes by that I don't say that I want my Maggie back too! I so understand how you're feeling. A puppy will definitely keep you busy and make you laugh and give you a warm sweet body (with shark toofies) to hug. I hope you get a puppy when you're ready. No she/he will never replace Farfel. They can't!
    Not a day goes by that I don't think of you.


    1. Sue,

      It's comforting to know that you want Maggie back -- not in a way that I want you to be sad...but that you feel the way I do.

      I would give anything to feel Farfel's mildewy beard on my cheek :) Thanks Sue for all of your kind words!!!


  2. We would like to send you our hugs too.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

    1. Thank you tooo, you all are so sweet!!!

  3. We are so sorry about what had to happen. When Star goes away to be a Mommy, you know she will be comming back. Maybe you could ask for Star to whelp at your house, if you are up to it. Sometimes when you love a fur child, letting them go so they can stop hurting is a gift. It is hard, very very hard. Farfel knows you did the best thing to make him better. After Mommy lost my sister Sylvie, she found me at the humane society; and, I kept her busy.
    Sally Ann

  4. Farfel! I never got to know you and now reading back through your blog I am sorry I didn't. I am glad you are no longer the only Airedale in the village, but your mom's heart must be breaking.

    It sounds like you were so very tired of fighting and it was time to go. That is never an easy crossroads to reach.

    You are in my thoughts, running free with so many of our beloved friends.

    Mango Momma

  5. Sending extra Big Nose Pokes.
    You can never replace Farfel, but you have so much love to give when you are ready.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  6. Were so happy that you feel better now, we will keep you in our prayers and thoughts. have a great day ahead :D

    Dog Shock Collar |Puppy Bond

  7. Woo nevFUR furget -

    Nor do 'we'


  8. Please. Keep blogging. We would miss you. We know sometimes we don't visit as often as we'd like, but you are always in our hearts and on our minds. Besides ... we're pretty sure Farfel would want you to keep blogging. He loved your laugh, and he loved knowing you made other people think, smile, laugh and, yes, even cry.

    With much love ... from all of us ... especially from The Lovely Miss Fergi.