Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wall smudges :)

So, as I was walking down my hallway today, I noticed the smudge marks about two and a half feet up the wall, that went down the length of the hall -- Farfel's smudges  :)  It reminded me of how he would drink about 3 quarts of water, then go and wipe his face on the cushions of the couch -- lifting them up :) Which then reminded me how he had to wipe his beard on the entire perimeter of my bed -- especially the white down comforter  :) And of course how he would wipe his soaking wet face in the crotches of company -- men, of course  :)

It's been a month and a day. I can't believe the time has gone by this fast. I miss him. There have been sad reminders -- like picking up his ashes and paw print from the vets -- I almost couldn't breathe when I walked up to the desk.  Getting rid of his toys.  I kept some. The others, well, they were gutted, shredded, and most of the facial features on his stuffed animals were gone.  I kept his rubber knife  :)  He would carry it around like he was going to stab someone  :)  Going to the vets again, with Star, and while I was sitting there a couple came in with their fuzzy dog wrapped in a blanket...they were crying, and were directed back to "THE ROOM."  I could barely contain myself, it was very sad.  So, yes, there have been sad moments, but...I have been thinking about all of the funny things he would do.... the good memories, good times... etc  :)   It's still amazingly sad for me ... but the happy memories help, and..... it gets better  :)

Of course there is Star  :)  Quiet, polite, little Star!  At the vets, she sat very still and quiet. Of course she loved all of the attention :)   She didn't act horrified (like Farfel)  when her temp was taken -- she probably was -- but she behaved like a little lady  :)  When I get her leash off of the hook to go outside, she runs and sits very still in front of me so I can put on her collar and leash -- Farfel would run to me, fight me every second to get his collar on -- then run around the house holding the leash in his mouth  :)  Yep, the ONLY Airedale in the Village  :)  I hope the next Airedale I get has a little bit of Farfel and Star -- what an amazing dog that would be  :)  

So, Farfel, I hope you are having the best time, meeting new friends, and welcoming the newcomers  :)  I will be here...thinking of you (very often...), and trying to teach Star your bad ... no, not bad....your wonderfully endearing habits  :)  I do kind of like the way she sits to have her collar put on though   :)   

And... to all who have lost their best buddies this week .. I am so sorry. To those who have received good news, and good results -- I am so very happy for you  :)

Patti, and Star 


  1. We can't believe that a whole month has gone by already. Remembering the good times and the crazy times is the best. (((hugs))) to you, Patti.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

    1. I think with an Airedale, there are always good and especially crazy times :)

  2. There will be sad times for a while to come but finally there comes a day when only the good memories come through. Then you will start to laugh and smile all the time about the bad and endearing habits dear Farfel had.
    Keep on hugging Star, she sounds a like a little treasure.

    MOlly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie