Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Finally, No more Cable guys!

I, Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village (in my neighborhood, not THE Village in NY, although MOMMY wishes it was) ... will finally write another blog!!!!! First, I have to thank EVERYBODY for the very nice and wonderful comments!! It is so nice to meet all of you!!! Special thanks to my Lovely Miss Fergi, Jake, and their Moma for ALL of their help!!! MOMMY even talked to Fergi's Moma on the phone -- I was so excited!!!! So was MOMMY!!!

So -- the problemS -- yes, there were several!!! First, the desktop caught a horrible virus -- it's done! Second, the laptop wouldn't continuously hook up to the cable -- even though we have all the cards and stuff, and anyway it's all too technical..but it would hook up to the neighbor's cable!!! We were accidentally stealing cable!!! OK -- not so bad, but it would just quit!! That's bad, MOMMY was frustrated, and it's never a good idea to have a frustrated MOMMY -- hehehe!! Soooo, after like 92 visits from the cable company --- 5 different technicians ... and about as many routers, it's ..... hopefully fixed!!! Another problem -- MOMMY'S uncle passed away -- yeah.. he was 84 and died on the golf course -- actually IN the golf cart -- but MOMMY talked her cousin into changing the story. She thought it was more interesting if he died right after making an Eagle -- a hole-in-one would have been unbelievable!!! MOMMY'S cousin liked that idea, and so the story was changed. MOMMY was busy with the funeral and all of her cousins she hadn't seen since the last funeral -- weird how death seems to bring everybody together when ... they should really just hang out for fun!!

MOMMY and I know we are going to love blogging here. We totally enjoy reading every one's posts, and we love all of the pictures!!! So many creative humines, canines, and lovely personalities!!!!

This video portrays my evil nemesis humine brother Joey and I!!! He lives to antagonize me, but ... in this video he is rubbing my ears. I am sure he has an ulterior motive. He thinks he is MOMMY'S favorite -- it's sad -- he is not. I am :)

I hope you all enjoy the video -- and I am so glad to hear from all of you!!! I am also very happy I am in a relationship with the lovely Miss Fergi --To all of the pretty little ladies who have commented, thank you very much!! You're all beautiful, but ----my heart belongs to that sweet little swimmer Miss Fergi (sigh).

More blogging to come -- as long as the router holds out!! UGH!!!

W.W.F.D. (What would Farfel do?)

What would you do if your OLD single MOMMY had a gentleman friend come over to pick her up for a date (UGH!)?

The best thing to do is to greet the gentleman at the door as politely as possible -- and when you hear him say "Wow.. so well-behaved for such a big guy," you go to your water bowl, drink a few pints ... make sure it collects in your beard (if you have one), then... lovingly (hahaha) put your head in the gentleman's lap ... after (Airedale's only -- seems like a thing we do) wiping your face on their shins!!!!! YEP!!! That's what Farfel would do... and... I can speak from experience :) Hehehehe !!!


  1. Ciao bello Farfel!!!!!

    I'm Lucia, an Aire-girl whose "official" name is Seneca Bella Dolce Lucia. Why am I telling you about my big, long name!?! Because!!! I am from Seneca Airedales, which is in .......... BATH! Santa vacca, we are practically related!!!

    Welcome to the bloggieverse, il mio nuovo amico! I know you will find lots of good pals here, as there is an abundance of doggies, kittehs, hammies and otherbuddies, including terriers of all shapes and sizes. And speaking of terriers, I think you and the lovely Miss Fergie are a match made in heaven. She is such an adorabile ragazza. (And quite an eccellente swimmer, too!)

    Tanti baci!!!

    PeeEss: La mia ragazza loves your name and wants to know if you're named after the Nestle's dog ...

  2. That's my Farfel! I'm glad you're back. I'm not sure Moma helped the situation much. Your MOMMY is the one who figured out the solutions to the problems. But it made me feel better to know they were at least trying. WE knew what needed to happen, but THEY need to feel like they're the ones who are in control. Anyhow. Whatever. You've got all your systems up and running again. At least I think you do. Now we can look forward to reading about and seeing your antics and views on life.

    Tell Joey to give you some more good ear rubs. Scritchies. And you can moan and groan to let him know how well he's doing. I'm starting to moan and grown... when I'm relaxing. Moma says it's a good sign. A sign that I'm happy.

    I AM happy. You are here!

    Your Miss Fergi (Jake says "hi")

  3. Oh Mr Farfel, you sure we not related?? That beard story sounds ever so familiar...
    We're glad your on the scene now and hope to become bestest of pals, after all, we Airedales ought to stick together.
    Love, Inky and Molly

  4. Here's hoping that router holds up! :)

  5. Hey Farel, So modest - I'm sure you helped fix that bad pooter.Seems like you fixed the gentleman caller too. Nice work. I can see you are a protector of your Momma's heart too, these things call for action.Hope you put a bit of slobber inthere for good measure too? As for brother Joey looks like you have him where you want him too obeying all your commands. I can see you are a dog of many many talents. I'll be back to pick up more tips!

    Wiry wags n kisses Eric xxx

  6. Farel? Geez.. I'm useless at typing FARFEL...sorry..

  7. We loved your video, Farfel! I can see you're a talker just like I am!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. happy your back - so sorry for your loss - but at least he passed doing something he loved i am sure. As for the cable peoples - we hate them too - mommy uses HBO words about them. cute video - didnt look like you were too tortured!

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  9. Ciao bello Farfel, again!

    Nancy is your groomer!?!?!?! Santo fumo, it is a small world...!!! I am the daughter of her girl, Ronnie. Il mio papa is her Stoney Stone Brandit....!!! Heeeeeee!!!

    La mia ragazza thinks you are a darling, beautiful doggie, Farfel. We love your video, too. Muahhh!!

    Tanti baci!

  10. Farfel mate...hang in there! At least get Mommy to hang in there!. We all started somewhere. Some of "them" learn fast (some of US take time). The technology is mind blowing to say the least....not to mention the nuts that try and address the hardware complications.
    Anyway, glad you have completed a post.
    Keep blogging!
    Lots of licks

  11. HA HA HA..we are rolling !! What you should have done is also just have eaten then your beard would have been water AND food......hee hee haa haa Oh boy Archie is rolling al over the floor.We are glad you got your pooter fixed and we LOVE the way you handle things hee hee Love A+A

  12. Farfel, it is nice to meet you, or rather to virtually meet you. You and Fergi are a very cute couple. You are quite a handsome dog.
    Sally Ann

  13. We are working on our furry furry big bakhk log of bloggies so we are a bit tardy in getting to woo!

    What a bunch of days woo've had!

    Woo are furry handsome! And oh so lukhky to have such a pretty gal as Fergi!


  14. Farfel, you sure showed your mom's date what Airedales are all about! Do you suppose he'll ask her out again? You are right about the cable guys! They all suck! Not too long ago, we were without TV, phone and internet for 3 whole days because some idiot installed a new cable improperly. Then, when we discovered it, they didn't come to fix it for 2 more days. We threatened to switch to a satellite dish, but we were just bluffing. We had it twice and ended up back with the cable. The lesser of 3 evils, I guess!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  15. Well. Your video is back, so we know someone is still shakin' out there in blogland. WE MISS YOU!!!! Hurry back!

    Are you Down Under?

    Jake (and Your Miss Fergi. She is too out of sorts to write)