Friday, August 14, 2009

Heeerreee's Farfel!


I, Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village, will attempt to write my first really important Blog on a real official blogging site. I am excited.

I have decided, as the wonderfully insightful Airedale that I am, to write about my MOMMY and I! I refer to my MOMMY in capital letters. OK, yes, she is a little bit full of herself, but if I had my choice, I would put her name in neon lights, or better yet, hire the Goodyear blimp to fly with “MOMMY” attached to the back of the blimp! Not MOMMY, but the letters! (Ya know.. the Goodyear blimp is here in Akron – I can just picture MOMMY flying on the tail end… hehehe)

I might call this MOMMY and Me. Whatever it is called, it will show the love my MOMMY has for me and I have for her. Maybe it will be a best seller, maybe a movie – kind of like Marley and Me! I will need different actresses to play MOMMY at various times of her life. I think she would like Angelina Jolie – who wouldn’t? The one person I don’t think MOMMY wants in the movie is Chrissie Hynde – for various reasons – hehehe

MOMMY and I have been together since April 18, 2002. MOMMY turned 56 this year, and on January 16, 2010, I will be 8-years old – 56 in humine years! It makes us happy that we will be the same age at the same time! We make each other happy. MOMMY whispers to me every night – YES! I allow her a spot in my large humine bed… she is my MOMMY after all! Anyway, she whispers to me; “Good night Farfel, I am so glad I have you!” MOMMY doesn’t remember telling anybody else those words except for those humine children and the grandheathens. I am glad I make MOMMY happy.

So, I guess I will be blogging about MOMMY and me! No, it won’t be all mushy and sappy! Thinking about titles now .. A Girl and her dog ---- well, she is an old girl.. hehehe… A dog and his MOMMY … nope.. no ring to that one…. I will think of something. For now… I just want to put something in so my blog isn’t empty…hehehe…

OH ------ one of the most VERRRY important things …. I am in a relationship with the Lovely Miss Fergi!! She is a lovely, delicate, sweet .. (sigh, I am in love) Wire Fox Terrier! Her totally cool brother Jake is my best friend! I love their Mommy, and that really pretty girl who lives with them! MOMMY and I love their blogs! MOMMY gets watery eyes, even with the happy stuff! Anyway, I am glad to be here … and I hope I don’t disappoint anybody – OH – MOMMY is very technologically inept … it might take years to figure this out -- as far as adding links and pictures – but she is trying!

Farfel E. Pluribus Unum

(MOMMY makes new names for me -- she is odd, but sweet and harnless)

MOMMY has made a list of -- W.W.F. D. (What would Farfel do) Like I said, MOMMY is odd .. and thinks totally unfunny things are funny -- but, I want to include my W.W.F.D in my blogs!


You are walking down the street, and you see a $10.00 bill lying in the road -- W.W.F.D ----

I, Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village would .... sniff it --- figure out there is no food value ... and... continue to walk with my nose to the ground .. hoping to encounter those elderly, frail ladies, with the tiny little dogs -- on those maddening retractable leashes! I am quite imposing .. when up against the oldsters and the yapsters :)




  1. Woohooo! You've arrived! We got an email notification that you had left a comment on our page and we snuck a peek at our blog!! (Don't tell Moma. We're not supposed to be online. We are living under a mountain of stuff that we are trying to dig our way out of. Actually, we are amusedly watching Moma and the Girl try to dig THEIR way out, and think it's rather funny that the pile just keeps getting bigger.) Anyway, we are thrilled you are here! We'll be spreading the word as soon as we're allowed to go public!!

    Jake and ♡ Your Miss Fergi ♡

  2. Heheeheeee.. I sniffed you out Farfel!! One handsome cool dude. Barking you a welcome to blogland from all the way over the big pee. Look forward to seeing more WWFD.......

    Wiry wags Eric x

  3. Had to check out Miss Fergie's beau. Yep, you are one handsome Aire'dude! Welcome to the Aire'waves and have a great weekend!

    Bentley Beargrass
    (in Houstontown)

  4. pleeze forgive the misspelling of Miss Fergi's name...aagghh!

  5. Fawfel
    It's wondewful to meet you at last, my sissie Fewgie(my Daddi decided to be hew Daddi too,which makes hew my sisse and jake my bwuvvew)anyway, my sissie Fewgie loves you so much,that means you must be a vewy special aiwekid.
    She has excellent taste and so do you.
    My Mommi is oldew than youws ,but I love hew lots too.
    I like youw WWFD and Think it will be heaw mowe on youw list.
    Welcome to bloggie land, I hope you will love it like we do
    smoochie kisses

  6. Thank all of you for commenting -- Not sure how to comment to each comment yet, but I will kind of make this universal -- a multi-comment comment -- a cluster comment! Ok, well anyway, Thanks to all!! I have heard so many nice things about all of you from my Lovely Miss Fergi!! I don't think Miss Fergi minds the misspelling of her name -- BUT, she is waaaaay waaaay, cuter than Fergie the Duchess, and the other Fergie from the Black-eyed-Peas! My MOMMY lived across the pee (hehehe) for awhile .. she loved it .. thought the people were REAL cheerful and they thought MOMMY was brilliant (she found out later that didn't mean smart, hehe). Asta -- my MOMMY LOVES NYC -- her dream is to live in Tribeca (she blew that dream though!) .. and loves the Village -- especially a great hamburger dump called Julians! Anyway.. thanks again to all you cool canines!!!!!

    Farfe, the ONLY Airedale in the Village (Ok, the Ohio, hehehe) who is in a relationship with the lovely Miss Fergi :)

  7. Hi Farfel! We are sooooo glad to finally meet you after all the wonderful things we have heard about you, from Miss Fergi! It's too bad you are already spoken for...Patches would claim you for herself if is wasn't for Fergi!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  8. I've khome ovfur from your girrrrrlfuriend's blog!

    Woo look like khwite the fun fella!

    I'm in Pawsylvania so we are almost neighbours!

    PeeEssWoo: Welkhome to the wild world of blogging!!!

  9. Hey there Farfel
    ...and welcome to the blogging world! You really are a beautiful dog (We can see what Fergie sees in you!)and we are looking forward to all your wonderful stories. We all started our blogs with rust in the cogs, so hang in there - we understand - and keep blogging.
    Please visit us too at
    Lots of licks

  10. Hi Farfel, You are a handsome guy and it will be fun to follow your adventures. We mostly write to blogs on the weekend, don't usually post, so come visit us on Monday!


  11. G'day Farfel
    We are 3.5 airedale terriers from the Blue Mountains Australia. We say .5 because Lucy is a dale cross hehe. We're so glad you started your own blog. We've heard heaps about you from Fergi & Jake.
    My name is Noah and I'm 8, my sister Tess is 6, my other sister Willow is 5 and Lucy is 6 we think. Tess & Lucy are rescues and our pinkies have had Willow and I since we were puppies.
    We're happy to meet you.

    Noah x

  12. Hi Farfel
    We have come over from Jake and Fergi's blog - we feel we have to check you out as we are given to understand you have a very special relationship with Ms Fergi.
    Now we have still to get to know you but so far our initial impressions are good. You look like a fine upstanding airedale with good values.
    It is very important to us that you are suitable as we don't want Ms Fergie left with a broken heart!
    She is a very special girl who requires the utmost gentleness and devotion.
    She is making great strides forward with little baby steps - she is a lot like our Martha and sometimes it will seem like two steps forward, one step backwards!
    You have a kind face Farfel and we look forward to getting to know all about you. Your post was an excellent introduction,
    We like the fact that you walk with your nose to the ground - in our opinion this is the only way to go for a walk.
    We can see you will understand the basset view on life!
    Welcome to Blogland Farfel!!!!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxxxxxx

  13. How nice to finally meet you, Farfel! Fergie goes on and on about you! Yes, you are very handsome!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  14. Hi Farfel,

    So nice to finally meet you in dog. We have heard so much about you from the lovely Miss Fergi. You are quite the handsome fellow and we know MOMMY is glad to have you around.

    Please come by and visit us sometime.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  15. Dearest Frafel,It is WONDERFULL to finally meet you as we have heard all about you from the fabulous Fergi and Jake. We are Agatha and Archie two wire foxies who live in Boston Massachewsitts. PL2 Pack Leader= your Mommy) says that is a very good age your Mom has!!!! Just one small thing ...we thought we better let you know...We are uhhhmmmm BIG Red Sox fans...enough said..Love and ksises A+A

  16. FARFEL...

    Wow...we've never heard so much about a Dale BEFORE he started bloggin'...ur already famous, dear Boy...

    I'm Lacie...a Lakeland terrier and I live with my stoopid brothers, Scruffy a really dumb wire foxie and Stanley a Dale who is also from Ohio...Bobcat Kennel?? Might you be from there???? We three terriers reside in Pittsburgh so we really are neighbors!!

    Miss Fergi has been talkin' bout you and how totally hot er um how attractive you are since the day she started bloggin' so we all feel like we know ya...

    Welcome to Dogs with Bloggies...the best place in the world!!!

    Love ya buckets already, sweet Boy...

    And I never flirt with other girlie's beaus...well, almost never...

    Love and kisses..

    Lacie and Scruffy and Stan, too!

  17. Hi Farfel! I sure have heard a lot about you so I came over here to check you out and see if the rumours are true....and they are! You are a handsome guy...and I'm always trolling for a handsome guy. I live in the Tampa area, home of the Yankees Spring Training Camp. Not that it looks like a camp. Big ole fancy stadium. Nu Yawkers have a strange concept of CAMP I guess. Down here 'camp' involves tents and bonfires. I live with my elderly step-brother Puffers and my support staff the Mr. and SHE (who thinks she is to be obeyed...HAH) and the baby Marine. I can't wait to hear more about WWFD.
    Bonnie - the wee scottie

  18. Miss fergie sent me over, and I just had to check out her hot boyfriend!

    Your mommy looks SO much younger than her age! You're so lucky to have each other.


  19. Wooo HOOO...we have been hearing so much about you from Jake and Fergi, and we are so very glad you are here. Looking forward to learning more about you and Mommy as we go along, Teka says you are very handsome, but she prefers whippets. And you don't know how lucky you are!


  20. Hi, Farfel!
    I know you because Miss Fergi has told us many things about you!
    Glad you have your own blog!
    Welcome to the blogging world!
    Kisses and hugs

  21. Hi, Farfel -

    We read about you from Fergi and Jake's blog. You are a handsome dude - now we know why Fergi is in love.

    We are two miniature schnauzers from New England. I (Hershey) live in Connecticut and Kaci (my "aunt") lives in New Hampshire. Welcome to the blogging world.

    Love -

    Hershey and Kaci

    P.S. It took Mama a while to learn how to do links too.

  22. Hi Farfel,
    It's very nice to meet you. There are ten of us so we never get lonely. Sometimes it does get a little noisy and confusing for our Mom, but she manages.

    We like your new blog and we'll check back again.
    The Porties

  23. Oh's Lacie...the Lakeland??? 'Member me????

    Now Fergi sez that I have her permission to FLIRT with you....

    Of course, I would never ever do that...

    (Lacie gazes demurely at the floor batting her eyelashes furiously....)

    I mean you already know how HANDSOME you are...

    And...Lacie sighs..

    Of course you and Miss Fergi are totally inseparable...

    But..if I need any PRACTICE FLIRTIN' TIME, I may just pop over here knowing that you are TOTALLY immune to my endless charms...

    Love and kisses...


    Your friend,


  24. Hello Farfel

    Very pleased to meet you. We are Molly (Airegirl) Taffy (Welsh Terrier boy) and Monty an Aireboy) from UK.

    We look forward to reading all about your adventures.

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  25. Hiya we are the NY Bully Brats Fergi sent us over to check out your bloggie - we love he yankees stuff

    it is very nice to meet you

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  26. Hi Farfel and Mommy,

    My name is Koobuss and I am a 2-year old Wire Fox Terrier from Mountain Top, Pawsylvania. Welcome to Bloggieland! You sure are cute, Farfel! Now wonder Miss Fergi loves you so much.

    It's nice to know you, Farfel! Good luck with your boggie, and when you have a chance, stop by and see me.

    Go Yankees!!

    Love and Koobuss Kisses,

  27. Woooo! You had us going there for a moment with that Goodyear blimp image of MOMMY flying on the back! hee hee

    Welcome to blogging, Farfel. We've heard so much about you from the lovely Miss Fergi and Jake. We are so glad to be able to read your blog and get to know you better!

    Happy Tails,
    William Tell, Cap and Glynn

  28. Hi Farfel!

    I got all excited when I saw your header that you were the only 'Dale in the Village and then I saw you wearing the uniform for the GREATEST BASEBALL TEAM in the world and got really excited because I thought you lived in MY Village - the westernmost part of Greenwich Village in New York City - and we could meet up and compare tennis balls, etc. but no such luck!

    Welcome to DWB! You'll have a swell time!

    Your pal,


    P.S. I may have to send you a "Lacie Survivor" bracelet for your very first post!

  29. Welcome -

    Yes, very handsome dale you are!! We can see WHY Miss Fergi is very taken with you...


  30. Hey Farfel! Welcome to'll never leave! Oh, Jake and your Miss Fergi have told us all about you....and they were so excited that you have a blog now so we had to hop on over, see what all the fuss is about :D Have to say....don't think ANYONE will be disappointed....definitely not us.....we're following and we'll be back the meantime.....Slobbers xx

  31. Hi there. We are Inky and Molly and neither of us thinks that you or your mum look 56. It must be all the silly Dale-ishness keeping the both of you young and fit (not that 56 is old by any means anyway).
    Please come by our blog soon!!
    Love, Inky and Molly the Airedales