Sunday, December 5, 2010

Here she is ..........

MOMMY said it was nearly impossible to take pictures of US! We wouldn't stay still at the same time... we wouldn't look in her direction at the same time...soooooooooo the pictures aren't that fantastic, except for the ones I , Farfel, the (once) ONLY Airedale in the Village!

Little Miss Star is the one with the PINK collar!! The pictures aren't great, and due to MOMMY'S lack of technical ability -- they weren't uploaded and placed very well!! I am just happy that MOMMY finally helped me blog and loaded the pictures :)

We will write more... let you know what's been going on in MOMMY'S life -- and mine too :) We are just trying to get used to this new little girl who is NOTHING like me -- we have not heard her bark....she won't get on the furniture (sheeeeeeeeeeeeesh)...She loves to go into her crate ( I do NOT need a crate!!)..She is petite -- but MOMMY said that Star is actually a perfect size, but that I, Farfel the (once) ONLY Airedale in the Village is simply ... PERFECT!!! Hehehe, I know :) I did hear MOMMY say to someone on the phone....that it is so easy to love Star.. so quickly...:) Me..well, it's gonna a take more time :)

More to come... I hope you enjoy the pictures :) MOMMY was going to put in a picture of Star's odd tail......but, I told her she shouldn' isn't nice to make fun of humines/canines who are "different!)




  1. I'm glad woo agreed to SOME pikhs!

    As fur her tail, we khan't wait to see it!

    We love seeing our non-dokhked 'dale pals!

    Tell your mommy videos work well fur energetikh khanines!

    PeeEsswoo: Khongrats again!

  2. Thank you Khyra, and sometimes your mom :) We are going to try a video...but as I said, MOMMY is very technologically challenged :) Actually, in the outdoor picture, you can see the difference in our tails :) Mine is the stumpy, very clever one, and hers...well, it's that long thing :)

  3. We think your mum deserves a paw on the back for managing already to get some piccies of the two of you!

    Corr her tail is nice and long. Only Holly has a long tail here, hers is always curled up its so funny.

    Video's well we love em..but of late we just can't get them to load on the bloggie. So maybe our hooman is technically challenged?LOL

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  4. Ooooooooh, your new sissy is just beautiful, Farfel, and so is her tail! She has a longer tail like me and you and Mitch have the shorter tailbobs!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Just so you know ... imagine us going about "our chores" with a big smile and a bunch of tail wags.

    More soon.
    We are so happy for you.
    Jake and Fergi (blush)