Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Star vs Farfel ... Farfel vs Star ......

I, Farfel the (once) ONLY Airedale in the Village, have had a few days to get used to my.....sister....Star! I have stopped barking at her 24/7...for the most part, I have stopped snarling at her -- BUT, she SNARLS at ME!! Her snarl isn't like a REAL snarl -- sure she shows her little tiny perfect teeth, but her snarl sounds like a cat hissss!! Hahahaha!! At night, I sleep upstairs in MOMMY'S room and Star, well, she sleeps in a crate....hahahahaahaha!! In the morning, I stick my nose in at her :)

MOMMY is getting used to her too! She has NEVER met a terrier that doesn't bark!! Star hasn't barked yet!! She kind of clears her throat politely! She will ..finally... sit on the furniture...but only if MOMMY forces and bribes her (sheeeesh, an Airedale who doesn't sit on the furniture!). Before Star lays down, she turns in circles, then plops down in a tiny little ball! She does NOT sleep on her back (like moi)..in an indelicate pose!! Star also.....chases...her tail!! Hahahaha how primitive!! I do not say that because I suffer from tail envy --even if I had a long Retriever tail, I still would NOT chase it!!!

MOMMY will come up to me and hug and kiss me as usual. That has not changed -- however, I know that behind her back she is petting Star. I really do not mind. It seems that since Star has arrived, everyone including my nemesis Joey -- has been kissing my BUTT!! So, sometimes I play the poor, sad, rejected, pitiful dog....hehehehehe :)

I cannot fault MOMMY for loving her. MOMMY loves all furry creatures (except rodents)! Star however, will not stop following MOMMY. So, since she is up and about, I HAVE to be up and about -- which cuts into my sleeping time! I think we are going to keep her. She is beautiful, but.. small. I think MOMMY thinks Airedales should all look and act like me. Star used to be in "Show" business. She is a retired champion. MOMMY says that if Star was able to achieve that, then she must look like a pretty good Airedale -- and maybe that's why she is so polite. Well, she STILL chases her tail -- dummy!! hahahaha!! I think I, Farfel the (once) ONLY Airedale in the Village is quite the perfect specimen!! I know in MOMMY'S eyes I am :) :) :)

Thank you for all of your kind posts :)

Lovely Miss Fergi ....you are as beautiful as ever :)



One more thing....That is MY name in lights at Citifield (Ex-Shea Stadium), Flushing, NY. OK...it's the METS ..but STILL :) (I bet Star never had her name in lights at Citifield) :) Go Yankees!!

(MOMMY can upload the pictures ... but she can't place them correctly!! Maybe Miss Smarty Pants Star can do it!! Really, I'm not jealous :) :) )


  1. I'm sure woo will teach her the ways of the huzzy/studmuffin khomfy ways!

    PeeEssWoo: Woo need to load the pikhs in reverse or learn to live with them like we do sometimes!

  2. Mitch didn't bark much when he first came to live with us either so I taught him how. Mom says I taught him really good too! We bet you'll have Star barking in no time, Farfel!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. It took Roux almost 6 months to bark after she came to live here. Be patient and careful of what you ask for! And oh yeah, Bentley didn't take much of a shine to her till she came back from her failed forever home. When she came back, he decided she was the best toy sister he could ever have! Have a great day!

  4. Farfel. We're so glad you are here ... please thank Star for "getting you up and about" in more than one way! I've gotta admit ... those quiet, sorta shy, pretty, delicate girls have a way of making things happen. And ... well ... it's not all bad.

    By the way .... Fergi sorta barks now. It's a funny sound. Kind of a yip yap. And she only does it on two occasions. After two years. One. When we're playing chasy chase around the dining room table and I'm barking my fool head off at her (she acts like she's being tough, but her tails up the whole time). And two. When I just happen to jump up onto MY SPOT on the couch and she's already there (she's done that a coupla times in the past coupla weeks). And, of course, gentleman that I am, I jump down (and sulk ... but don't tell her that.)

    You are going to see so much happen over the next few months. And we hope (and expect) you will share it with us!

    Much love and tail wags,
    Jake (and Fergi ... she's sleeping ... in her little bed)

  5. Ciao miei amici!!

    Seneca Texas Sternchen!!! It is fantastico to meet you. I am Seneca Bella Dolce Lucia, so I think you are mia cugina!!! Muahhh!!!

    Tanti baci to you and to Farfel!