Monday, December 13, 2010

I think I might keep her .....

Great picture....of me -- SHE was more interested in the mirror!
This one is a little least she isn't obsessed with the mirror this time ...
Hehehehe... (she is so petite)
I was a little disgusted -- but...yet another masterpiece... :)

I am Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village -- yes, I am keeping MY title!! Star will have to earn her own title!!!

I have to admit, I do like the little girl, as long as she stays away from My MOMMY, and My food!! What more does a guy need ?? :) Star has barked twice -- it's an odd, very strange kind of hoarse bark! MOMMY says she has never heard a bark like that --EVER!! I guess one has to make certain concessions if they have such a looong tail... :)

Star does climb on the furniture now -- MOMMY was kind of worried, but not anymore :) MOMMY could only stand to keep Star in her crate for about two nights. She hated knowing she was downstairs all alone, while we were upstairs all warm and snuggly!! Wellllllllll...she is upstairs's OK though.. MOMMY makes her sleep on the floor (with like 10 blankets and pillows). Star does stay in the crate when nobody is home, and when she eats. I like to stare at her when she is in the crate...hehehehe :)

Soooo, I guess she is staying... even if I didn't like her (but I do)... I don't think MOMMY would give her up! MOMMY still tells me I am her special boy :) MOMMY even wants to get a tattoo of MY paw print :) brother's hands aren't tattooed on my MOMMY, and her license plate has MY name on it -- :) So, yeah, I am still loved!!!

Farfel -- The ONLY Airedale in the Village ... who is verrry tired!! It's tough keeping up with my younger sister!!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Star vs Farfel ... Farfel vs Star ......

I, Farfel the (once) ONLY Airedale in the Village, have had a few days to get used to my.....sister....Star! I have stopped barking at her 24/7...for the most part, I have stopped snarling at her -- BUT, she SNARLS at ME!! Her snarl isn't like a REAL snarl -- sure she shows her little tiny perfect teeth, but her snarl sounds like a cat hissss!! Hahahaha!! At night, I sleep upstairs in MOMMY'S room and Star, well, she sleeps in a crate....hahahahaahaha!! In the morning, I stick my nose in at her :)

MOMMY is getting used to her too! She has NEVER met a terrier that doesn't bark!! Star hasn't barked yet!! She kind of clears her throat politely! She will ..finally... sit on the furniture...but only if MOMMY forces and bribes her (sheeeesh, an Airedale who doesn't sit on the furniture!). Before Star lays down, she turns in circles, then plops down in a tiny little ball! She does NOT sleep on her back (like moi) an indelicate pose!! Star also.....chases...her tail!! Hahahaha how primitive!! I do not say that because I suffer from tail envy --even if I had a long Retriever tail, I still would NOT chase it!!!

MOMMY will come up to me and hug and kiss me as usual. That has not changed -- however, I know that behind her back she is petting Star. I really do not mind. It seems that since Star has arrived, everyone including my nemesis Joey -- has been kissing my BUTT!! So, sometimes I play the poor, sad, rejected, pitiful dog....hehehehehe :)

I cannot fault MOMMY for loving her. MOMMY loves all furry creatures (except rodents)! Star however, will not stop following MOMMY. So, since she is up and about, I HAVE to be up and about -- which cuts into my sleeping time! I think we are going to keep her. She is beautiful, but.. small. I think MOMMY thinks Airedales should all look and act like me. Star used to be in "Show" business. She is a retired champion. MOMMY says that if Star was able to achieve that, then she must look like a pretty good Airedale -- and maybe that's why she is so polite. Well, she STILL chases her tail -- dummy!! hahahaha!! I think I, Farfel the (once) ONLY Airedale in the Village is quite the perfect specimen!! I know in MOMMY'S eyes I am :) :) :)

Thank you for all of your kind posts :)

Lovely Miss Fergi are as beautiful as ever :)



One more thing....That is MY name in lights at Citifield (Ex-Shea Stadium), Flushing, NY.'s the METS ..but STILL :) (I bet Star never had her name in lights at Citifield) :) Go Yankees!!

(MOMMY can upload the pictures ... but she can't place them correctly!! Maybe Miss Smarty Pants Star can do it!! Really, I'm not jealous :) :) )

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Here she is ..........

MOMMY said it was nearly impossible to take pictures of US! We wouldn't stay still at the same time... we wouldn't look in her direction at the same time...soooooooooo the pictures aren't that fantastic, except for the ones I , Farfel, the (once) ONLY Airedale in the Village!

Little Miss Star is the one with the PINK collar!! The pictures aren't great, and due to MOMMY'S lack of technical ability -- they weren't uploaded and placed very well!! I am just happy that MOMMY finally helped me blog and loaded the pictures :)

We will write more... let you know what's been going on in MOMMY'S life -- and mine too :) We are just trying to get used to this new little girl who is NOTHING like me -- we have not heard her bark....she won't get on the furniture (sheeeeeeeeeeeeesh)...She loves to go into her crate ( I do NOT need a crate!!)..She is petite -- but MOMMY said that Star is actually a perfect size, but that I, Farfel the (once) ONLY Airedale in the Village is simply ... PERFECT!!! Hehehe, I know :) I did hear MOMMY say to someone on the phone....that it is so easy to love Star.. so quickly...:) Me..well, it's gonna a take more time :)

More to come... I hope you enjoy the pictures :) MOMMY was going to put in a picture of Star's odd tail......but, I told her she shouldn' isn't nice to make fun of humines/canines who are "different!)



Saturday, December 4, 2010

Short and Sweet...maybe!

I, Farfel, the (once) ONLY Airedale in the Village have an announcement to make...I now have a ..........sister!

She arrived several hours ago. I wasn't even notified in advance. I had no time to prepare. MOMMY and my nemesis, Joey left together. MOMMY came inside, put my restraining device (leash) on me, took me outside .....................and there SHE was -- with Joey!!! As soon as she saw me, she hunched down on the ground and looked as if she was going to stalk me....ME??? At that moment, I thought, this is the first time I have ever seen an insane dog!! Stalking ME? Farfel, the (once) ONLY Airedale in the Village?

So, there she was, short and sweet! She is short, and she is sweet...poor thing has this long growth---it might be a tail that has gone's nothing like my beautiful stumpy tail :)

Her name is.....Seneca Texas Sternchen --also known as: "STAR!" She is a very compact little girl. 50 pounds.. and a lot shorter than me. I weigh about 75 pounds (like a linebacker). MOMMY isn't thrilled with the name Star and is thinking of changing it to: "Starfel!" Not really, the little girl comes when called...unlike me, who comes when I am ready :) She is 5-years old. I don't hate her, but I am not sure if I like her...she is cute, she has that growth, and, I do not like my MOMMY touching her!!!!! I know my MOMMY sneaks around to hug the little girl...I guess that's OK.

Anyway, I will write more later, and include pictures -- if we ever sit still for MOMMY and stop trying to sniff each other ALL of the time!! I will also explain what has been going on in MOMMY'S life -- no excuse for not writing....but we hope you all understand!


Farfel, the (once) ONLY Airedale in the Village!

Miss Fergi -- I still love you!
MOMMY and I got tears in our eyes when we saw the picture of you and Jake at Forest Lodge Park. Soo close :(

More to come ................. :)