Friday, May 27, 2011

Star, The ONLY Airedaless, in the Village :)

My favorite picture of Star

Farfel, The ONLY Airedale in the Village, is not in a writing mood. I don't want to assume anything, but I think he is j-e-a-l-o-u-s!

 I went to visit Star and her babies. In the last few days, their eyes have opened, and they can hear!!! They are so adorable -- of course!!!

I have to say, the first time I met Star, I immediately fell in love with her. Star has the sweetest disposition! She is quirky, funny, affectionate, and scrappy!!!  She is also petite (compared to Farfel), solid, and has the most perfect build! It was love at first sight  :)

Nancy, Star's "other" Mommy, has been grooming Farfel for about 5-years!  The first time I called to make the appointment, I asked if she groomed Airedales. Many groomers do not groom such big dogs! I had one groomer insist that Farfel was a large Welsh Terrier ---- Anyway, Nancy answered... yes -- I have 9 of my own!!!!  So, I knew she wouldn't insist that Farfel was a large Welsh Terrier  :) Nancy, knows a lot about Airedales -- A LOT!!!  I have learned a lot from Nancy, and have enjoyed every moment in her office -- it's full of all kinds of Airedale antiques, pictures, statues, and.... beautiful artwork made by the many dogs who have come through her doors!!

Easdale is located in Bath, Ohio. It's kind of considered upscale country. Lebron James has a home in Bath. Ok, I still like the guy even though he ditched the CAVS!  When you pull into the driveway, there are Airedale statues, an Airedale topiary, and other adorable topiaries.

 Airedale topiary

The setting is stunning, and today, Star was outside, and her view is to die for -- a ravine, with a waterfall!  Star was very happy to see us (Joey and I)...and she barked her odd little bark, more times than I have ever heard  before!! It was so cute!! It was so good to see her, she was sweet as always :)

Star and I
She is so sweet!

We had a very nice visit. We saw Star's "roommate" Dora's puppies!!  A few weeks older than Star's babies!!!  And we saw Boson, the cutest, chunkiest, chocolate lab puppy!!!  

Dora's babies with Boson

Dora's baby

I had to include Dora's babies and Boson -- I swear I could spend hours there with all of the Airedales and Boson!! And now -- Star's babies:


Yesss, they are adorable!!!! They were squeaking and barking!!!  They are the cutest, chubbiest, and sweetest little babies -- just like their mommy :) OK, the chubby part might be like Uncle Farfel :) Farfel IS on a diet, and has been doing very well ---except for yesterday -- he snatched (while counter surfing) an entire bag of hot dog buns and ate them!!!! Farfel blames Joey for sabotaging his diet...Joey didn't put the buns away!!

Anyway, it was a great time, and I thank Nancy for taking time out of her very busy day to let me come and truly enjoy myself, and see sweet little Star!!!  Oh, and Nancy, if you read this, I hope you didn't cringe when you saw my favorite picture of Star with the obnoxious bow !!!!  I don't think I have ever seen any of Nancy's Airedales with --- "accessories!"  

 Joey and I, and maybe Farfel, are looking forward to Star coming home!!  We can't wait!!!!  I hope she didn't forget about getting on the furniture, jumping on the bed ---sitting on my lap -- and yes, even hissing at Farfel  :) She is very special to us -- even Farfel  :)


A few P ===essses ...

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite guys --- Jake !!!!  You are very special  :)

My deepest condolences to Butchy's Mom -- my heart breaks for you.

In the pictures of Star and I -- surprisingly, my foobs didn't make it into the picture ...they are huge, and almost overshadowed Star as it was  :)  Soon.......they will be exchanged for "normal" ones   :)  I hope!  :)

Coming soon --- FARFEL -- THE BACKSTORY!  



  1. We love your bow, Star! You are a very pretty girl and your pups are just adorable!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Staw, you twooly awe gowgeous and I want to congwatoolate you fow youw most pawfect adowable babies.
    Youw fwiends place looks like a heavenly place fow aiwekids. It must have been so wondewful to see all those dawlings.
    Pleez tell Fawfel, I love him and he's not too big, and I hope Staw comes home soon to you.

    Good luck on the weduction!!!
    smoochie kisses

  3. Thank you Rottrover, Maggie, Mitch, and Asta for the very nice comments!!!!!

  4. FARFEL! We are BACK! It may not last long ... but we are BACK! (OMD we've missed you and our blogging buddies. But Moma has been worthless. It took weeks to get her to help us catch up.)

    So. Jake says "Thanks!" for the birthday wishes. If it weren't for his friends (and me, of course) he would hardly have known his birthday came and went. (The bone is still in the fridge, and the toys are still downstairs)

    Star and her puppies are ADORABLE! We're so glad your MOMMI got to go visit and that she took pictures and videos. We're wondering if your MOMMI is thinking of bringing one home? (What would Farfel say?) Whatever, we'll be happy to know when Star is back home. Forever.

    We promise to try to get Moma to do better about visiting the blogs, and maybe even sharing our (not so) exciting lives. (It's been pretty boring recently, as Moma has been dealing with her own "issues") But, in the meantime, we know where to find you somewhere in the Garden. (You are hiding in there somewhere, aren't you?)

    We love you soooo much.
    Your Lovely Miss Fergi (who now jumps up on the bed when Moma is on the bed with Jake ... I'm learning that I like to be petted!)
    (Jake and Moma, too)

  5. Awwww Lovely Miss Fergi :) I am so happy you are jumping on the bed and enjoying life -- you deserve to be petted!!!

    Yes, even I have to admit the puppies are adorable little yappers, and MOMMY would love to have one -- or all of them, but the only thing she will be bringing home is Star. I hope she comes home soon, because MOMMY misses her -- me... well, I like being the ONLY dog.... but... Star is OK. We hope your Moma's issues are minor, and not health related. We love your blogs and your beautiful pictures -- and... we love all of the FB comments....especially Miss Nina's. she is so sweet :)

    My MOMMY has been collecting baby pictures of me for the next blog ( I was a very cute kid!) soon as she figures out the scanner, she will hopefully write an EXCELLENT Backstory (so trendy...hehehe) about ME!!!!!!

    We LOVE you all Toooooo!!!!!!!

    Farfel, The ONLY Airedale in the Village.... for now :)

    And MOMMY and Star :)

  6. Thanks for the puppy fix, Star!! We can never get enuff of the Airedale puppy pics :)

    Wyatt and Stanzie