Friday, June 10, 2011

What LUMP?

I, Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village, have grown another LUMP!  Several years ago, I had a LUMP, and I was greeted with all kinds of ridicule such as: LUMPY Rutherford!  For those of you who do not know who Lumpy Rutherford is, well... he is the fat snotty kid from Leave it to Beaver -- a horrible show -- Beaver was the type of kid dogs would love to bite, or... run away from! I also had another LUMP grow on my chest -- no ridicule there though -- the Vet is "watching" this one -- basically they are lipomas -- fat (ugh) deposits). This new lump is different -- it has grown VERRRRY fast since about February. MOMMY has had a lot on her mind with other things  (her .."lumps" ..hehehe), so MY LUMP has been put on the back burner!!  I am now ridiculed with the name -- IGOR (eye-gor). I am sure you all know the character Marty Feldman played in "Young Frankenstein!" A Classic!  :)

I have chosen to name my LUMP .. "Anthony Wiener!" Just like my lump -- he should be removed!!  MOMMY thought I should name it "Glenn Beck," or "Ann Coulter!"  I don't think "Glenn Beck" is an interesting name (or person), and "Ann Coulter" just isn't right for my LUMP!  There are sooo many choices --- "Sarah Palin,"  "John Edwards," or even "FOX News!"  I like the name "ANTHONY WIENER," and I am sticking with it -- WIENER IT IS!!! Even though all mentioned should be permanently eradicated --- like my LUMP!  :)

So, please send out some "ANTI-WIENER"  thoughts to my MOMMY -- (anti-wiener as in lump --- know what I mean?, hehehe). MOMMY could not exist without me!! It's not only because I am wonderful, perfect, handsome, hilarious, huggable --- but because I am the ONLY Airedale in MOMMY'S Village, and I understand her, and have been through EVERYTHING with her!  I know you all feel about your humines as I do about mine -- I know you understand  :)

Thank you for listening to me, you are all very much appreciated :)


Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village --- "WHAT LUMP?"

Below are some photos of my LUMP -- it IS GRUESOME! It's an Albatross -- an Alien waiting to jump has marred my perfect physique ... hehehehe :)

Anthony Wiener

It does NOT have a Twitter Account :)

Still Smiling  :)

By the way --- Star also has a very special place in MOMMY'S heart. I saw Star yesterday when I got my beautiful haircut :) She did not hiss at me --- YAY!!!  MOMMY spent time on the floor with Star's babies -- and was trying to decide which one was her favorite ---- they all were  :) But, as we ALL know --- I, Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village (I never get tired of saying that!) am MOMMY'S favorite --- Step aside humine brothers --- you know where you stand ...hahaha behind me and Anthony Wiener!!!!


  1. Our paws are crossed for you, Farfel. We hope it's just a fatty lumpie! Know what? We have matching lumpies, Farfel. Mom tells me that mine looks like I swallowed a tennis ball!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Thank you Maggie and Mitch :) I feel relieved already :)


  3. I hope your Weiner is just a fat lump.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  4. Your Weiner is not attractive. Just like Anthony Weiner's behavior. Did your mom have it biopsied?? I have two little grape-sized lumpies on my chest. I think I will name them Weiner I and Weiner II.


  5. Oskar, and Gizmo .. :) I went to the Vet... and we are waiting for the cytology report. I think it is important to name things that invade your body. MOMMY has named her tumor -- Hector -- it has no special meaning... like mine...Anthony Wiener! Oskar.... hahaha we loved your comment!! Gizmo.... I hope your Wiener I and II are nothing to be worried about!!! And, it appears, I have spelled Wiener wrong :) I guess it's true... ya can't have looks and brains :)

    Thank you for your comments!!!!!! They are very much appreciated --- and entertaining :)


  6. Ciao, Farfel!!

    I, Lucia, want you to know that I had a similar problem last year, which, because she's such a calm and level-headed individual (yeah, totally NOT) scared the living daylights out of la mia ragazza (who regrets, each time she reads your bloggie, that we never got to know you or your momma when we lived near you in the town that begins with a B and ends with a ville -- sigh). I had surgery to remove it and the vet sent it to a lab just to be sure it wasn't anything bad. Turns out, it wasn't, but la mia ragazza was a nervous wreck until she found out for sure. We hope the news about your Anthony Weiner is all good (because we don't think the news for the other AW is looking very positive...!)

    La mia ragazza emailed my picture to Nancy today along with a note about how adorable, smart and special I am. (Of course I am -- I'm an Airedale, after all.) We also read your post about Star and Nancy and how wonderful a breeder Nancy is and how Easedale is such a buono place (I was born there!!), and we completely agree. You are so lucky to live so close to her.

    Paws crossed that you are feeling good as new soon, Farfel, and I, Lucia, send big smoochies to your momma!

    Tanti baci!

    PS: We think Star's puppies are bellissimo!!

  7. Lucia,

    You were born in a very loving environment. I have spent lots of time in the puppy room :) Nancy is a great person, and knows A LOT! I have spent a lot of time in B-Ville riding horses. Lots of time in R-field too :) My extended family has a big garden center there!

    I am waiting for the results of Farfel's biopsy. The Vet said it didn't look like a typical specimen from a lipoma. He just wants to make sure. I am thinking Farfel wanted to grow a sympathy lump to match my two lumps :)

    Nancy puppies are certainly beautiful. I have seen them in different stages, her grown dogs, and people who have gotten their Airedales from her. They are almost as beautiful as you :)

    Thank you for the nice thoughts :)

    Patti, Farfel, and Star

  8. Your Lovely Miss Fergi wishes she could be there with you. But since she's not, you might try going to that park and sniffing for her peemail. 'Cause most of all, she wants you to know we all care very very much about you, Farfel.

    We really do.
    Jake and Family