Thursday, June 30, 2011

Update, and ramblings :)

Farfel's pathology report came back, and Anthony Weiner was cancerous. The Doc is "pretty sure" he got it all -- but this was the type of tumor that can come back, and usually in the same place.  Farfel is fine, and recovering very well. We will keep a very close watch on it -- because, Farfel HAS to outlive me -- that's the way it has to be  :)

My sweet little Star should be coming home any day now. I am very excited, and can't wait. My goal is for Star and Farfel to eventually "snuggle!"  :)   They are both so wonderful and lovable in their own ways -- it's just they don't see it right now -- their relationship is one of ..... contempt maybe ?  Jealousy? Alpha Dog (STAR, for sure)....?  They give each other dirty looks more than they play.....Star is winning  as far as the evil eyes :)  Now that she will be home forever, and not going away to have babies, I am hoping they have a loving relationship :)

Dogs are interesting people. Sometimes I wonder why humines can't be as wonderful and loving as the canines. Humines really need to take on some of the qualities of canines. They don't lie, cheat, make fun, bully, care if you're "different," care about color, creed, or gay bash.  I don't believe a dog could commit premeditated murder -- however, if a dog kills a person -- usually because they were mishandled by humans -- they are put to death. A humine -- well, just look at the stupid Casey Anthony trial. Yes, I have a lot of time on my hands with this stupid recovery process.  I don't think I know any dogs as stupid as Jose Baez (Casey Anthony's Attorney).  Canines do not do stupid, emotionally hurtful things to humines. Canines are not cruel to humines -- but....look at the cruelty canines receive from humines -- puppy mills, Michael Vick types, and many others who think it makes them a "big" person to abuse an animal -- in my opinion, it makes them a big asshole.

I know if I were to ask Farfel anything --- he would do it, no matter what it was -- OK, it would of course be on his terms since he IS an Airedale, but in my heart, I know there is nothing he would not do for me. I wish I could say the same of some humines I know. Am I taking things too far, and getting too involved with dogs -- maybe, but... Farfel and Star are REAL ... all of the Facebook dogs, and the Blog dogs are REAL -- they have no agenda. They are who they are -- they love and are loved :)

I might be having a bad day (is it obvious?). I think this year is finally catching up to me -- the tests, the emotions, the four surgeries, and UGH the pain.  Getting rid of those softball size expanders for my new soft foobies has been great, but.... it has totally tired me out, and I am tired of putting on the stupid happy face -- well, for today anyway. I do have to say the foobies look pretty darn good, and my Doc said yesterday ... like THREE creepy times.....NICE ...NICE... NICE ......I really think he should have bought me a drink or something. So, I do have the foobies of a 20 year old -- That's great, but.... the body is that of an almost 58 year old. Then of course, there is this ass I have grown over the time of no activity, because as soon as I recovered from one surgery, there was another. I can't do anything for another 4 weeks except walk --- well, I can't walk with the dogs because of the crazy old people (older than me) who walk their dogs on retractable leashes -- Yes, it's my fault because Farfel is not a perfect gentleman -- but, I can't afford for him to pull my arms out of their sockets at this time. Where I live, there is nothing to look at except those old people ... who seriously are near death walking their dogs on those awful leashes -- by the way --- the dogs weigh no more than 5 pounds usually --- and they really piss Farfel off.

Maybe I will take Farfel out for a walk now --- hopefully the old people are napping  :)   Then we will come in and clean the house for Star's arrival  :)  I want to make sure her couch is just right for her and there are clean linens on my bed for her   :)  BUT --- since Farfel has lost a few pounds, he jumps on the bed again :)  They will have to share :) Maybe snuggle ????  :)


I haven't forgotten about Farfel's BackStory -- we are having creative differences -- who is going to write it ???????   Maybe we will collaborate  :) 

Farfel would like to add --- he wishes he named one of his lumps Michelle Bachmann -- but since he did not, he would like to name each and every poop he does from now until the 2012 Presidential Election after her :)

(Farfel has approved this message)  :)

Thank you   :)


  1. BOL!! Hope you had an uneventful walk!

  2. Once Farfel learns to snuggle with Star, he MUST snuggle with The Lovely Miss Fergi. Tell him (and Star) to start by snuggling with their MOMMY. One on each side. Real close. Eventually touching. (Fergs now uses my hip as a pillow at night. It does happen!)

    Hoping all are together. And well. And getting better and better day by day.

    Jake (and Family)

  3. Thank you Jake for your words of experience :) I dream of snuggling with Miss Fergi -- I know she would not hiss at me or give me the mean stink eye ----- or....take my MOMMY'S attention away from me :)

    Star and I are at that sniffing stage...that's about as close and loving as we get --- I play bow... and..SHE ignores me!!!! I know she has been through a lot, so I will be patient. MOMMY says to be nice to her because she had to leave the last of her babies behind, and all of her Airedale brothers and sisters, her beautiful, and her other Mommy, Nancy.

    Give Miss Fergi some ear nuzzles from me :) We think about you guys ALL of the time :)


    Farfel :)

    Oh -- one more thing ... Dogs don't normally gay bash ... except for me, but.... I ONLY bash Joey .... grrrrrrr :) Sometimes Andy Cohen... but.. just cuz my MOMMY likes him so much :)