Thursday, March 3, 2011

My two favorite girls -- No boobies, and No Barks!

I, Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village, have decided to allow my MOMMY to take over the blog today!  Of course she will not be as witty, funny, charming, or literary adept as I -- but, she tries, and she did just have major surgery --- so without further ado --- Herrreeees MOMMY :

He can be such an ass  :)  Anyway, I am home. The surgery went very well, and mentally and physically I am doing very well!!!  There is more to come with the reconstruction....but that shouldn't be so bad  :)

My little baby girl Star has been in Kentucky. She is there to ..... get pregnant. I miss her.... and as far as Farfel goes -- well..... I have never seen him happier....hehehehe.  I don't think he dislikes her, he just doesn't like her around  .... but...Star needs us  :) She is coming back -- and we are keeping her. The litter, if she gets pregnant will belong to the breeder. That was one of the conditions of having Star. I also found out that Star was debarked. That disturbs me very much. Terriers bark. Terriers bark a lot. Don't have a Terrier if barking annoys you -- that's my opinion. Maybe they do this to show dogs -- well... another DUH -- dogs bark ... are they better behaved if they don't bark? It is sad and pitiful, and I don't like it  :(

So, I had my TA TA to the TATA'S party -- it was fun and weird at the same time  :)  I mentioned it to the people at the hospital -- most looked at me kind of funny -- kind of like... "oh poor thing" .. or " I think she is crazy!" ... When asked who my next of kin was ... my son Joey (Farfel's nemesis) said.... Farfel. Some of those medical types just don't have much of a sense of humor :)

The surgery wasn't so bad -- it was and is very painful, but nothing a person can't live with, and it gets better every hour. I am kind of lumpy and the shape is kind of funky -- but actually, I think I have more now than what I went in with, and these are just the expanders. The plastic surgeon seems to think I am going to want "big ones!"  We'll see  :)  Again -- I chose to do this. I did not have cancer. My chances of getting breast cancer are like 1%  to 2 %  now.....and.. once the boobies are done... I will have perky boobs until I am 90... so, that isn't so bad  :)

Looking forward to going to NY -- for the Yankees homecoming dinner!!  I am so excited!!  Jeter -- Jeter --- Jeter  :)   (Thanks Eddie for this opportunity -- even though you are a METS fan!!!)  Eddie came to my TATA party all the way from NY -- it was great having him here!!  I can't wait !!!!

 Soooo that's about it --- I thank Farfel for this opportunity to write....hehehehe. I love all of the "dog people!"  You have no idea  :)  Thanks for all of my new FB friends  :)  I love your comments and photos!! Thanks Sally, Jake, Fergi and Nina ... for being you  :)

Take care to all  :)

Patti...Farfel, and Star  :)


  1. Your mommy sounds like she's very happy, Farfel, and we are happy for her. And we're happy that you're getting a short break from Star! Here's hoping that she gets pg!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Thank you Maggie and Mitch :) We kind of hope she doesn't...we don't want to be apart from her anymore ...her weirdness has grown on us!!!

    Farfel and Patti :)

  3. I, Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village forgot to mention my other "favorite girl" .. the Lovely Miss Fergi --- of course! I wasn't thinking :( Too much going on here with the barks and the boobies! You are very special to me Miss Fergi :)

    Farfel :)

  4. That all sounds good :) Glad that the surgery went well and hope it will be smooth sailing from here.

    Sometimes it's fun to be an only dog. Just ask my sister, Stanzie. She likes it when I'm not home!! Go figure..


  5. Thanks fur the update!

    We are glad to see the surgery went as well as khould be expekhted -

    As fur Star and the debarking...

    Don't get us started on that one -


  6. Fawfel
    It's so good to heaw fwom you and youw Mommi
    I'm so glad that she is feeling good and won't have dwoopy boobies like my Mommi down to hew tummie, hehehehe
    That is tewwibull to take a giwl's voice away. I think it's bawbawic!!!
    I'm suwe by the time youw sissie comes home you will be vewy glad to see hew!!!
    Fewgie is the specialist. you have to tweasoowe hew
    smoochie kisses
    (who live in NewYawk in case you want to visit, hehehe)

  7. Yes..Miss Fergi is the specialist, and a treasure :) I would love to visit you in New Yawk ....MOMMY has visions of walking with me down Roosevelt Ave in Jackson sniffing all of the good sniffs ..Chorizo, Tacos,and train fumes ...also... being the hugest dog there Jackson Hts. ...MOMMY feels tall (she is 5'2") ..the people there have short...very short dogs...hehehehe... they would think I was a horse...I think I would like that :) If MOMMY came to the Village... I think she would want you to adopt her :) It's one of her MOST favorite places!!!!! MOMMY loves your pictures too -- she could look at them all day long!!!