Sunday, March 6, 2011

She's coming home .....hmmmmmm

I, Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village --will soon have to share my Village AGAIN!  My little petite sister STAR, with the long, long tail (weird), the freakishly odd bark (hehehe), and the springs on her dainty feet!!!!

MOMMY is very happy, and says CONSTANTLY (ugh), I never thought I could love or miss another dog so much!!!  Well, I guess it's OK ... MOMMY still loves me the most (duh). Speaking of MOMMY, she is doing very well except for a little pain. She says her chest reminds her of two bald men with lumpy heads -- No wonder MOMMY gets along with Star so well -- they are both strange :) A good strange though  :)

Star has been bred twice --- meaning --- she has had SEX!!!!!   Twice!!!!  OK, enough about that -- her tentative due date -- if it "took," is April 29th. Star will then be leaving us again to have her babies, and then will be coming back to us after the babies do not need her anymore --- I can't picture Star as a MOMMY -- whispering sweet nothings to her babies .. since she sounds like a little foghorn!  MOMMY is still verrrrry upset about that!!  I tell her not to worry because I bark enough for 10 Terriers --- and I do not stop unless bribed  :) :)

MOMMY is verrrry excited about her upcoming NY trip!!!  Not only is she going to see her beloved Yankees...and the Season opener -- her friend Eddie is going to take her to see Ghetto Klown at the Lyceum with John Leguizomo ----AND he promised to drive her under the Helmsley Hotel in the city -- it's a tunnel sort of thing -- MOMMY is odd -- she likes unique things  :)  MOMMY might have a burger at Jackson Hole in Astoria..YUM YUM YUM -- MOMMY hasn't been eating red meat lately -- not cuz she loves animals --- cuz she hates plants ...HAHAHAHAHAHA  Joking!!  She just doesn't eat it anymore...but, she might make an exception  :)  MOMMY really needs to win the lottery BIG -- so she can be wealthy and live in NY -- in the Village, or Tribeca (not asking too much!!). MOMMY would probably spend her days walking Star and I and ... as she says.... looking at "stuff!" Probably buying "stuff" too!!!

This was only supposed to be a short little bloggy -- but, I talk too much  :)  There will be more when the little preggo girl comes home (I still cannot believe she had... S-E-X) ...I will support her...I guess....and maybe let HER have the couch ...(probably not).

Thanks to all for being our friends....We love you all, and we do read your  blogs -- and smile a lot!!  Dog people are special people  :)

Well, I am going to enjoy my last few hours as an "ONLY" dog  :)  (Actually, I kind of miss the little foghorn too).


Farfel (and MOMMY)

Smoooches to you my Lovely Miss Fergi  :)


  1. We're glad to hear that Star is coming home, Farfel. We bet she missed you!
    We hope you get to meet and play with the pups after they're born.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Farfel, you be nice to Star when she comes home. She's a soon to be momma :)
    Tell your Mom to have fun in NYC!!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  3. I wonder if she bought woo anything?


  4. The only thing she brought was ....Pre-natal vitamins!!! Now what am I going to do with those ???? Hmmmmph!

    Farfel :)