Thursday, March 10, 2011

They didn't know I could type :)

It's me, Star -- the ONLY Princess in the Village!!!  While my BIG (and I do mean BIG) brother Farfel is sleeping, I decided I would write and introduce myself to everybody!!!  MOMMY and Farfel talk about the wonderful humines and canines they have met -- as a result of the INTERNET -- too bad MOMMY hasn't had such luck --- on those truly creepy Internet Dating sites!!  As a result, she will never go on them again (thank goodness) .. and I have heard her mention --- many times -- Dogs are better than those nasty old men!!!

Anyway, my name is Seneca Texas Sternchen. Sternchen is "Starshine" in German. I have been called Star, since I can remember.  I do have a sister in Mexico, her name is Meiga, she is also a champion, and is owned by a very handsome man named:  Jose Antonio Gomez -- an Airedale lover :)  My sister's daughter is also a very beautiful Airedale and has many awards  :)  Check out MOMMY'S Facebook page and look at the beautiful pictures of my niece and sister.

I had one litter once -- and only produced one baby. My other mommy, Nancy... called her "Godzilla!" She was a very large puppy, because she ate so much  (because she had nobody to compete with). Godzilla, is now a service dog. She is probably the size of my BIG (and I do mean BIG) brother Farfel.  Soon I will find out if I will be having another litter. MOMMY isn't happy about me leaving her again -- but, I will be back -- I missed my BIG (and I do mean BIG) brother Farfel, and Joey ( I love Joey)... and my MOMMY, when I was gone before -- even though Farfel, my BIG (and I do mean BIG) brother makes remarks....I am not sure if he is being protective, jealous, or just an ass :) Sorry Farfel..I know you aren't as "worldy" as I am...but puppies are a way of life --- MOMMY should have the "talk" with you  :)  

OK -- Farfel my BIG (and I do mean BIG) brother has made certain comments about my tail -- really, they don't bother tail is lovely  :) is so fun to wag my tail in his face and annoy him :)  As far as my raspy voice, I think it is sexy!!!  Kind of like Demi Moore  :)  Farfel my BIG (and I do mean BIG) ..barks enough for an entire Airedale Tabernacle Choir!!  He is LOUD ... when MOMMY shusshes (which he hates) him, he barks LOUDER!!!  Then.......MOMMY gives him a treat so he will be quiet -- MOMMY --- you are rewarding him for bad behavior!!! Hee hee hee ... no wonder he is such a BIG (and I do mean BIG) guy!!

Farfel my BIG (and I do mean BIG) brother will NOT share the toys!!!!  So -- I will NOT share the couch, unless MOMMY forces us :)  Also.....MOMMY only lets me on her bed when Farfel (the BIG guy) not looking -- or he decides he will get on the bed too -- which isn't often, he is kind of ....well...not as "springy" as I am --- the middle of the night.... I sneak around the other side of MOMMY'S bed, and jump in and snuggle with my MOMMY!!!  Farfel is on the floor (where we start out)...he isn't suffering though, MOMMY has blankets and pillows and anything else he would want  :) He isn't deprived :)  MOMMY will tell me to get back on the floor, but since she had her operation, she just kind of gives in....which is OK by me  :)

I do LOVE my BIG (and I do mean BIG) brother Farfel :)  He is so awesome!!!  I love to tease him...and we do really love each other  :) :)  MOMMY loves us both, and yes, I know FARFEL, my BIG (and I do mean HUGE) brother is very special to her -- but, so am I  :)

I have lived in several homes -- not sure of the exact details, but it has to do with handlers...I know it may sound like I have had a privileged life -- but, I just hope that after the babies are born (if there are any) ..that I will be here forever with my MOMMY, my BIG (and I do mean really BIG) brother Farfel ... and Joey -- I love my other brothers too..and I especially love those little grandheathens....they are my size and very very sweet to me  :)

Well, I better go for now... it seems like  Farfel, my BIG (GARGANTUAN) brother is waking up and deciding which couch he wants to take his next nap on.....:) I do LOVE Him -- what's not to love ????? :)

Nice to meet you all  :)


Star  :)  

P.S. I have only hissed at Farfel, my BIG (BIG like Raymond Burr) brother only once since I have been back home --- I hiss instead of growl, it is very dainty ....:)


  1. Beautiful Shining Star. We are so glad to know you. So glad you are in your Forever Home with your Forever Family. We happen to know that your MOMMY was wanting you for a verrrrry long time. And we are guessing that Farfel knew all along ... and that he was part of the decision making process.

    Today is a Happy Day for us ... and meeting you and hearing YOUR voice made it all the happier.

    We're looking forward to reading and hearing all about your Life with Farfel and MOMMY and Joey and the heathens and the others who are part of your Family. We know ... 'cause we've experienced and are experiencing it still every day ... that lots of amazing things are going to happen with you as a Family. Fergi (who will always be Farfel's Lovely Miss Fergi) and I love each other more and more (we are even beginning to PLAY ... for moments at a time!) every day.

    Everybody is happy. Really happy. Especially today.

    Much love to everyone.
    Help your MOMMY heal. Wonderful things lie ahead.

    Fergi sends kisses to Farfel, we ALL send hugs and kisses to all of you.
    Jake and the Family

  2. Thank you Jake and the Family :) I feel like I know you all!! Your beautiful Christmas card is still hanging up :) The Lovely Miss Fergi is verrrrry special to Farfel :) I don't want her to be mad with my remarks about him -- I tease him because I love him -- like a BIG (VERY BIG) brother :)

    Hugs and kisses to all of you too :)


  3. Sternchen
    So vewy nice to finally talk to you. I know youw Big(weally weally big) bwuvvew Fawfel is happy to have you thewe even if you sweish him in the face wif youw tail. As faw as you on the bed, I think that youw Mommi pwobably can use youw closeness and love wight now.
    I hope you get to stay hewe in youw new home sowwounded by love fuwwevew and evew
    smoochie kisses

  4. Thank you very much Asta :) I hope I get to stay here too!!! Farfel doesn't seem to mind me in the bed -- he knows MOMMY loves him a lot!!

    Asta, say Hi to your Mommy... and you take good care of her too!!!

    Star :)